join my new blog, lyme afflicted or not.

Hi facebook friends!

I am inviting you all to join my new blog, ‘Journeys in Healing’ and to share it with any others you may sense would like to mingle with us. This is a time and place I am creating for those of us who wish to communicate, muse or inspire others towards a hopeful path in healing.

I intimately understand that healing is a journey that ‘happens on the inside’. We can be prompted, comforted, supported by external measures, yet the wellspring of inner resources we each bear, is limitless really and most importantly needs to be nurtured in spirit and with the empathy of others.

So, let’s unite!


3 thoughts on “join my new blog, lyme afflicted or not.

  1. Hi Kim, I’m remembering you were thinking of starting a local Lyme Support group this fall and wondered if there are any more details on that? I never did put something together this summer after you spoke in Peterborough, but would enjoy meeting others, share stories and inspiration. Thanks, Catherine

    1. Well, sorry to say no progress yet Catherine. I have been insanely busy, lecturing each week somewhere on the East coast, often 2-4x per week! since spring. EEEKKS! It is good, but I must say support group will have to be looked into come winter. Hang in there! I am speaking at Keene Toadstool this sat., 9/15, 2pm. Do come!

      1. Thanks for such a quick reply Katina. I understand your schedule is crazy ! I hope you are feeling energized by it but also getting much needed rest!
        I’ll look forward to hearing more in the coming months.
        Be well,

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