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I learned some interesting news this week in the spectrum of Lyme disease. Another organism, called FL 1953, which is a protozoa, is considered to be a similar vector borne infection. (Vector borne means transmitted by the bite of mosquitos, ticks, fleas). FL 1953 creates very similar symptoms to Lyme- exhaustion, muscle pains (fibromyalgia), weakness, headaches, and “that” horrid empty chest/shallow breath sensation so many of us know from Lyme disease suffering.

Dr. Fry, of Arizona, is the scientist responsible for identifying FL 1953, and his diagnostic testing is finally approved for use, the promise here is that FL 1953 could be the ‘link’ for so many cases of ‘Lyme’ that are not fully responding to even long-term use of antibiotic therapy. We all know people who have been battling Lyme for years, even decades, and are not making significant progress with LLMD’s. Apparently, there is good success of easily eradicating FL 1953 from the body with IV antibiotics.

Wouldn’t this be a positive step for tens of thousands, if FL 1953 is truly a cause for prolonged illness in many chronic Lyme cases? The following website link was passed to me. As this is all quite ‘new’ on the Lyme radar, I can’t vouch for true validity, as I have yet to confer with the Lyme labs and doctors I know on the matter, but I think the FL 1953 discovery is likely important.

Being mosquito transmitted and abundant in the south, Florida in particular, FL 1953 may be a link to the CFS, fibromyalgia ‘explosion’ over the last two decades.

Let’s keep our antennae up for more news on this FL 1953 subject. Let me know what you find out, too.


4 thoughts on “Interesting news

  1. Isn’t this amazing, to find that this organism is both potentially a cause for Lyme symptoms, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and more, PLUS we can squelch it with NO FAT diet. If Dr.

    Fry is on to something here, this could perhaps be a turning point for many illnesses and people afflicted.

    Thanks Laura, the radio link is insightful.

  2. So says Dr. Fry. There are no peer reviewed studies and he hasn’t published and he is the only one testing for it. FL1953 does everything a Bartonella infection does and is the same size, walks like a duck.

    The CDC supposedly cert the DNA but I also had along email string with the CDC Bartonella labs in Fort Collins,Colorado about a year ago and came away with the impression that the last thing they wanted was any information about Bartonella to get out.

    A lot of people are saying this is a make believe pathogen and I completely agree after reading everything I could find on it.

    New Research on how nanobacteria cause calcification in tissues that prevents antibiotics and other treatments from working. This nanobacteria commonly called Bartonella infection is very hard to detect and can only be detected using advanced methods. There is a newly developed method to overcome this nanobacteria calcification and once that is done treatments become much more effective.

    1. yes– bartonella found in so many confusing cases even Gulf War Syndrome. We need more such research.

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