At Year’s End

We approach the dawn of a new year – 2012 – an auspicious one according to the ancient prophecies, an old order is ending, a new consciousness birthing, apparently. Galactic precedence established such definition long before any of us blinked awake in this lifetime. It seems the best option may be to live into it, I assess eyes open, hearts willing to embrace a new tomorrow. The earth with its upheavals and shake-ups now physically and politically leads the way.

At this year’s end though, I can’t help but gaze backwards. The future will unfurl, but the past I feel a poignant twist of feelings for. 2011 has been a ‘winner’ for me, I might say. My dreams have come true- I am healthy again, vibrant, creating, working HARD on a new career path and thriving. Five years ago I was plastered to my sofa, unable to cook, drive a car, go to a parent- teacher meeting or even walk unassisted. The Lyme had maimed me. I have shed it all- like a snake wriggling free from an outgrown skin. Rebirth.

I see the seasons melding in reversal. In awe I watch my own self breezing into the world with “Out of The Woods”; lectures, book signings, radio, myriads of people and an amazing community of Lyme fold merging with me and my message. I soak it in like a sponge.

It is summer. The days are long. I distance swim at the pond. New friendships are forged there. One magical evening in August, a rain shower spawns a double rainbow and I swim into the hues, color plummeting into the pond with me. How miraculous was that? A once in a lifetime moment. At age eighty I will tell of the glory of swimming into a rainbow!

Springtime. My son graduates middle school. Love. Abundance. Joy. Pride. Flowers. Song. Families. Cherished words cascade. I am filled up and up and up to the very brim. Accomplishment and beauty entwined.

Wintertime. Chickadees dip in flight. Moonlight at my shoulders as I sit crimped at the computer at 1:00 AM, editing the manuscript AGAIN!! I work best alone in the dark, the household sleeping. My mind free. Words flow like silken ribbons.

2011 has been an industrious year for me. I’ve worked as hard as I did in my thirties. Wow. And, I learned so much, too. All the while I sense there is more work to come. the Lyme situation knocks on too many doors. May Spirit guide me forward.

I am blessed. I feel deep respect for the precious gift of renewal. The once hollow gouge in my chest is gone. My Reiki practitioner tells me my chakras are full and humming so beautifully now. This new lease on life is my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I bow to 2011 with reverence, and turn to peer into 2012 with promise.

May each one of us be fortunate enough to have even one experience, understanding or achievement to be grateful for in the year 2011. I personally thank the wonderful people who have embraced “Out of The Woods”. We are united at a psychic level through this special book- I feel the web of union weaving us together. This lovely synergy buoys us all. More energy compounds for us as we hold hands in spiritual union.

Take a moment to feel and reflect on a moment of grace or beauty in the past year. It can be a touchstone to return to in a troubled patch. Gratitude builds strength. May we all prosper in 2012!


2 thoughts on “At Year’s End

  1. Kim,
    Your book and outlook on life have really inspired me. To read what you have been through in all those many years since our paths crossed at Aloha has been just amazing. Even more amazing is the strength you had to pull through the lyme disease and be able to help others with life threatening diseases. Your writing is absolutely wonderful. You have a real gift. I know it when I saw your father’s obituary which you had also written. You inspire me at 72 to live my life at the fullest. Thank you for that !

    1. Thank you for the honor of your kind message Syd. We shared special years at Aloha, they forged fierce self- belief into my core. Plus, lovely friendships and sisterhood.

      It feels good to know I offer inspiration with OUT OF THE WOODS! Have fun in 2012.

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