New Lab Testing

Clongen labs in Maryland, run by the kind and devoted Dr. Ahmed Kilani, is using a new type of testing for Lyme disease. It is interesting and promising for many of us.

Called ‘enrichment protocol’, a sample of the individual’s blood is cultured over a ten day period, in various mediums, specific to growth of the assorted Lyme organisms- borrelia, babesia, bartonella, erlichia. Then the number of organism cells present are counted in each culture. Zero cells present means no infection, a small number is a mild or newer infection, high numbers indicate an entrenched infection.

This is a new ‘window’ into Lyme, and potentially more accurate than a random blood draw and lab testing on just one day. Akin to culturing urine for urinary tract infections, this will bring much more information to physician and patient alike, enabling more targeted protocols.

See the website, for details. Advanced Specialty Labs in PA is running a similar culture test for borrelia.

3 thoughts on “New Lab Testing

    1. I do hope this protocol helps many. Keep in touch with me Cindy and let me know how some of the test results pan out. I am eager to find how effective this test can be. Thanks.

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