California gets real!

At long last the state of California has finally publically recognized that Lyme disease is a real issue in their sunfilled, swaying meadowlands and hill country. Northern California is  under a huge Lyme siege and many docs and people have been in the dark about the extent of the illness, the number of infected ticks and even adequate diagnosis (bizarre when they have Igenex Labs right there!).

Please read this for more:

This statement says a great deal about finally coming to terms with the Lyme issue – a needed step forward, for California, the land of endless summer and sorrowfully, the weather for endless tick season!

I will be out in San Francisco and Sonoma County with OUT OF THE WOODS in late March. The timing is just right for me to bring my message of inspiration to the too many thousands suffering. Please pass this along to those in need and let me know of any key support groups, health care centers or other venues in California I should align with.

California dreaming on such a winter’s day!”

One thought on “California gets real!

  1. Congratulatins on the success of your book . We look forward to your visit in California. I am the first person & Lyme patient to begin a support Group in Ventura County, CA. I have also picked up Los Angeles County Support Group. I began my journey into helping Lyme patients along with co-infections in 2003 after I was dianosed early 2003 and @ stage 4 Neuro-Lyme which had me 90% paralyzed & bed ridden. After beginning tratment with a brand new protocol & a brave LLMD I was back to working Full time at Los Robles Hosp. & Med. Ctr. In Thousand Oaks,CA. only 90 days after beginning my Lyme recovery.
    Since then I have supported two large counties, Ventura & Los Angeles, by bringing support, education and many wonderful speakers to create awareness to the public and many MD,s in CA. I have also been appointed by our state capitol to be a member of the Lyme Disease Adv. Commitee which works with our govt. & CALDA to bring the truth by way of all our CA. Support Grps., just how prevelent Lyme disease. & incidious co-infections are in CA. My support grp. has always been non-profit so we do not have a budget to support speakers but we would love to know your tour itinerary so I might forward your book info & tour book signing & speaking schedule. I would like to extend an invitatin to you to bring a case of your books to present to my Lyme grp. to purchase & possibly sign. If you are interested for a date in mid April or any date in April we would be very honored. If interested please contact Lisa Messner @ 805.231.3485 or
    Thank you for your time & consideration. Welcome to CA. & hope you enjoy every moment in our sunshine state.
    All my Best. Lisa Messner
    Location: Ventura \ Los Angeles Counties.

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