Natural Medicine and Lyme

Recovering from chronic forms of Lyme disease is not an easy feat. Multiple systems of the body can be depleted and sometimes damaged. Killing off the Lyme organism (bacteria, parasites, micoplasma forms) is only one aspect of recovery. The just as essential piece, involves rebuilding the affected bodily systems (immune, gastrointestinal, nervous, etc).

Traditional allopathic medicine’s primary viable approach involves pharmaceuticals, a necessary weapon for thousands. However, ALL Lyme afflicted will benefit from the restorative therapeutic work of natural medicine.

I recovered from advanced chronic Lyme completely. Working diligently with naturopathic medicine (herbs), acupuncture, homeopathy and a very seasoned clinical nutritionist, to rebuild my depleted and damaged bodily systems, were the essential pieces to help me to recover. It was five solid years of devoted work.

Please hear more about my journey and these pieces in this thorough show lead by Sue Vogan:

It is a long 2 hr interview, so don’t feel bad about fast forwarding through some of it.


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