My roller coaster ride with NPR

My Roller Coaster With NPR

It was a roller coaster couple of days for me. On Monday, February 27, the producer of The Diane Rehm Show, NPR, called to invite me on the February 29 show with Diane, discussing chronic Lyme disease. My emotions soared to the sky! I was to fly to D.C. and be on our Nations’s #1 radio talk show, with 2.5 million listeners, sharing my insights on this seriously overlooked epidemic. The producer, Sandra, was regaling how much she loves “Out of the Woods”.

Within 24 hours Sandra called back, a glum tone in her voice. “I can’t swing it to have you on the show,” she states. “The influences to have a medical professional and panel only are pressuring me. I really wanted your voice and story as both a representation of the havoc Lyme can create, as well as the holistic side.”

My heart dropped. Bummer.

“I understand the carefully considered nature of producing a Lyme segment,” I replied. “It is such an intensely opinionated topic, with infighting and hostility amid the various camps about diagnostics and treatments.”
“Yes, my head is swimming. It’s been an exhausting day,” Sandra shares.
“But, Sandra. It’s going to be a monotone show. You need a Lyme patient there,” I urge.
“I agree. I’ve tried for hours to make that point. We did a show like this about 2 years ago and I wanted something more honest now. I don’t think it can happen,” says Sandra.
I sense disappointment in her voice. “I tried,” are her words.

We chatted a few more minutes, Sandra telling me she has told 6-7 others to read “Out of the Woods: Healing Lyme Disease – Body, Mind & Spirit”, and what a wonderful job I’ve done with the book. That felt comforting.

Today, I listened to the radio show at 11 am. It was ok. Diane Rehm clearly believes in the sorry saga of lack of doctor awareness and diagnostics surrounding chronic Lyme. Dr. Samuel Shor (internist, private practice and associate clinical professor at George Washington University) and Dr. Stephen Barthold (professor, Department of pathology, microbiology and immunology Center of Comparative Medicine at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis) shared frank and solid information on the quixotic yet real presence of long term Lyme infections creating chronic illness. Yet, the whole tone was very dry. Of course, I feel my emphatic, vivid voice of natural medicine would have been lively. Oh well! I understand Sandra’s predicament.

The two most salient facts I gleaned from the show were these:
Dr. Barthold, who has been involved in 25 years of lab studies on Lyme Disease in animals, stated that the Lyme bacteria FOREVER stay in animals’ bodies throughout their entire lives , antibiotic use or not.

Some animals had no symptoms, others did. In other words, some were more capable of “hosting” the Lyme bacteria successfully, others’ immune systems were plagued to “fight” it relentlessly. Could that be true for us humans too?

Dr Shor noted Eva Sapi in Connecticut found that Banderol and Samento (cats claw) in test tubes were more effective in killing off the Lyme bacteria than the antibiotic doxycycline.

I beat my long term case of Lyme with 5 years of steady use of Samento. After 2 years of excellent health, I stopped the Samento and my health slipped and blood values found Lyme to be “hatched out”. As I share in “Out of the Woods”, the correct herbals can be great allies in overcoming Lyme.

All in all, I learned from the NPR Show. Thank you Dr. Shor, Dr. Barthold and Diane Rehm. I’ll see you next time around!

This “close hit” was exciting and promising for me and my message of inspiration. I feel the heavens aligning to hoist me and “Out of the Woods” in just the right position for our global debut!

For a full transcript of the Diane Rehm show “Diagnosing and Treating Lyme Disease” go to

8 thoughts on “My roller coaster ride with NPR

  1. Katina, I’m glad a colleague gave me your blog link. My daughter has been sick with chronic Lyme (and two co-infections) since she was 11. She is now 22. She went from being an althletic, honors student who played soccer and basketball to being bedridden. We live in Texas and although we took her to great doctors here and at the Mayo Clinic she wasn’t diagnosed for six years until we took her to Connecticut. She has a great doctor who is treating her with Samento, Banderol, and Parsley as well as antibiotics at times and has finally improved some. I’m getting her your book so we can both read it. Susan

    1. Hi Susan.
      Thank heavens you got to a LLmd in Ct. Your darling daughter has endured too much. This illness wreeks horrid havoc on teens and those w fine tuned nervous systems- the sensitives,artisically inclined and most brilliant minds.
      I wrote OOTW for all whom are caught in the ricurrents of medical mishandlings, emotional and spiritual wounds and justbthe sheer lonliness being incapacitated creates.
      I hope you both find some solace and healing catharisis in the book. It is a powerful yet tender portrayl of the inside of this illness. Blessings to you both.
      I send you love and strength for true healing. With dedication and willpower you can make strides. I did and know others can too.

  2. That settles it: I’ll keep doing the cat’s claw forever, I guess, although I don’t know what dose and format you used. Loved your book and was sorry to miss you on the West Coast. As a homeopath it would have been especially great to hear you in that venue. I’ll keep Rifing, probably forever. Thank you for your honesty in this maelstrom.

    1. Anna.
      I too am sorry to have missed you a fellow homeopath. We are exactly poised with our skillset to do some significant work w the lyme epideimic.
      Yes. Rife and samento for a lifetime is my regime. I do lyme codes approx 1 x wk and take 5 liquid drops of Samento daily, plus an arsenal of immune support, antioxidants, omegas, and some more goodies depending on time of year. B complex & magnesium are pretty low in most Lymies.
      Thank you for your post and thrilled you love the book. I’m hoping it gain some national press. As this epidemic is too fierce to be merely fiddled around with.
      Stay strong in your self belief to heal.

  3. Hello Katrina,

    I just read about your book on a Lyme Facebook forum. Look forward to ordering it and reading it soon. It would be nice to know what you did in terms of diet, exercise and what remedies and supplements you took, and continue to take to get well.

    I wonder if you have included your protocol in your book? Have you posted this information somewhere or can it be found in your book? I’m always looking for ways to try to get better since I can’t do antibiotics since they are to harsh on my body.

    I appreciate all you are doing to spread the word about Lyme Disease and helping to make more people aware of this horrible epidemic.

    Thank you,

    1. Katina,

      I just noticed I spelled your name wrong. So sorry for that. I hate when that happens. Again, my apologies.


    2. hi Garry.
      thank you for your post. “Out of the Woods” contains a lot of valuable material about treatment protocols. it includes an entire section at the end called ‘nuts and bolts’ which covers the varius treatments that helped me to recover. though I must say each of us are unique and treatment need to be tailored to the individual.

      My main message as you will see is that natural medicine is a very strong player in lyme disease recovery journey. Rebuilding the massive depletions and damage to various systems of the body is critical. Also tending to the emotional and spiritual wounds of chronic illness is not to be dismissed.

      my book has a very special story within a story with you will read in the memoir portion. I hope you find it all of value I wrote out of the woods for this too many thousands of us who are suffering and need support.

      1. Ps. Pressed post accidentally!

        Sending you warm greetings Gary, and thank you for reading OUT OF THE WOODS. It is a book of hope and beauty in the all too tragic vortex of Lyme.

        With Blessings

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