Thank you’s to the West Coast

After a stunning 2 week trip to the USA West coast, lecturing on Lyme disease, with my book, “OUT OF THE WOODS, HEALING LYME DISEASE”, I am both elated and exhausted. What whirlwind, how much fun, what terrific people I met, how horrific the swathe of this illness!

It was a complete honor to be welcomed by so many wonderful folks at the Lyme support groups, at Noe Integrative Health Care in San francisco, at the fabulous Inanna House fundraiser in Sonoma Valley, at the bookstores and in the charming sphere of beauty at Friends, Philosophy & Tea in Seattle.

I will share more details of the journey and my discoveries in my next blog, but for now I wanted to extend my thanks to the dear old and new friends who hosted me and made things WORK in my schedule!

My publicist, Jennifer Geronimo- you rock! To my assistants, Christine Pressman and Donna Falcone, you wove together so many PR details and thank you! Mara and Erl Williams, you are so true and soul centered. Sara Logan, bless your social media savvy. Carolyn Makens and family, thank you for the cozy dwelling and meals. Plus, my orange hat is a keepsake. Renita Hermann and my homeopathic colleagues, let’s show the world how our remedies shine in this illness! Dana Ullmann, keep up those sales! Wonderful Bob Lorentzen, thank you for climbing the mountain passes, toting Mara and my books’ to the venues! You saved the day.

The enchanting voice of T Beller chirrs in my mind, rooting for me and OUT OF THE WOODS in so many ways. Thank you for making Napa so marvelous and my new ‘home’ away from home. Dr. Eric Gordon, you are a shining star in the world of medicine. I loved sharing the podium with you and Mara at the Inanna House luncheon. I wish more medicine men could be as balanced and wise as you. To all the helping hands who drew the success of the luncheon together, may you shine in the light of knowing we ‘seeded’ the healing hospital of lyme disease’s future with such synergistic energy of loving support. Thank you for welcoming me and my message of spiritual healing.

Seattle was a rain fest, but also a great outpouring of lyme friends. Thank you eternally remarkable feldenkrais trainer, Jefrey Haller, for arranging my venue in Bellevue. And, to Alex, lyme support guru, your guidance is so vital in this hurricane of illness for so many. Deborah Drake and Astara Briski thank you for the PR.

And, last but not least, to all the lyme afflicted, their caregivers and friends, a true thank you for coming out to hear me, to read and share OUT OF THE WOODS, and to unite in the collective energy of healing the wounded spirits so rife in this decimating epidemic. I value and recognize the gifts you all extended to me, in time, in welcome, in joy and in your attention to details….my weakness. And, not to be forgotten, are my thanks to the great natural beauty of California and Washington. The sun and sky, ocean, hot springs and teetering mountains gave me strength and stamina to manage 6 talks in 8 days! I was supported in so many ways, and am grateful- truly.


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