California Tour Part II

After the joyful outpouring of camaraderie at the Inanna House fundraiser luncheon at Running Rabbit Vineyards in Sonoma, CA, my spirits were running high in excitement over the awareness that a Lyme disease hospital really could “happen” in our future.  The woven threads of connection to so many special folks in the California Lyme community was so vital too.  It was such a special experience for one, to feel valued, as an author as a veteran homeopath and most poignantly as a Lyme survivor! Thank you again to Mara Williams, Eric Gorden and the many helpers who made the luncheon so successful. 

On Monday, March 26 I headed up to Santa Rosa to meet with my visionary publisher, Dawson Church.  He is such a brilliant mind and generous soul.  To have “Out of the Woods” published by someone on the cutting edge of epigenetic medicine and so in tune with the spiritual healing message of my story is a blessing.  Many publishers are just facts and figures, business oriented beings, Dawson is not that- he is a capable, heart centered, talented man.  Our visit in the rolling California hills, spring blossoms sprinkling the greening grass, was lovely and reassuring for me.  

Hunter and I traversed over the mountainous ridge via The Oak Ridge Grade.  The twisting, hairpin steep road of switch backs was a snakey journey, homes tucked in on ledges. Wow! What views, we descended through lacey leaved oaks and eucalyptus, into the magical Napa Valley.  My breath caught in my chest on one overlook, taking in the graceful sweep of wine country. How I grasped the accolades this region receives.

Our host was the high spirited, enchanting T. Beller, an interior designer extraordinaire and fellow Aquarian.  Her home, our accommodations and her giving heart were such welcomes.  By the end of my Pharmaca book presentation and scrumptious Napa meal I was ready to pack my house up and move on over to Napa.  

I love the energy of Northern California.  Open and expansive, new growth seems to be the best word.  I sense this energy is what accompanies living on an “active fault line,” versus the more staid, retiring, energy of the weathered mountains of Northern New England, our earth energy more sleepy and placid.

Pouring rains deluged our remaining days. Puddle jumping to Seattle in a twin prop airplane, lavender cherry blossoms accented the now endless grey environs.  But, dear friend and master Feldenkrais trainer, Jeff Haller, helped direct us to the Pacific Northwest.  My lyme lecture at the charming Friends, Philosophy Teahouse was terrific.  We had a big turn-out and lots of interesting conversations ensued.

Seattle appears to be more Lyme savvy than many other regions.  With Dr. Klinghardt’s academy there, naturopaths being insurance reimbursed, Bastyr College, homeopaths and acupuncturists in solid numbers, there is more availability to the restorative therapeutics so necessary to rebuilding the very depleted bodily systems, a common denominator in most every Chronic Lyme case I know.

As I mention in every Lyme talk I present – LYME DISEASE is he epidemic of our era that asks us to marry the two hands of health care; the diagnostics and pharmaceutical weaponry of conventional, allopathic medicine with the restorative, therapeutics of natural medicine.  Two hands working together are better than just one. 

I hope to embed this message as deeply as I can into everyone’s consciousness.  Creating an Integrative Health care approach is essential with Chronic Lyme, and we are way behind the curve in the USA.  Most European countries have incorporated Integrative Medicine into their health care systems, and they have less chronic disease than we do.  Lyme demands an Integrative Medical alliance; all chronic illness does essentially.  

In the meanwhile, thank you Seattle and your strong network of Lyme support groups, for uniting with me.  Your Lyme community is active and strong.  I hope to be back in the fall at Bastyr.

The last leg of my whirlwind West Coast book tour took me to the Olympic Peninsula for a family wedding.  The magical moment occurred on the last five mile stretch of my 4,000 mile journey, rounding a sweeping curve in the road, as we edged along a quiet bay, I glanced overhead to find a grand Bald Eagle flying right over our car!  For those of you whom have read “Out of the Woods,” you will recognize the meaning of the eagle’s presence to me- without a shadow of a doubt, this was a confirmation of me being guided and protected on this most wondrous journey!

As always, I bow to my masterful guides and teachers on the earthplane and in the spirit world.  My gratitude is everlasting.

Thank you California, the Pacific Northwest, the Lyme community, my treasured friends old and new, for supporting me and “Out of the Woods,” in my mission to expand Lyme awareness and my message of hope for recovery, even against all odds.  Healing on any and all levels is possible!

With Blessings, 


One thought on “California Tour Part II

  1. Seven years ago I was in a training program for Feldenkrais practitioner. Neither my health nor finances held up (funny how they are related). But Feldenkrais is the most marvelous, relatively unknown and magical thing, right up there with homeopathy. Unfortunately, my local practitioner moved back East a year or so ago.

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