At Morning Meditation

At Morning Meditation

During my years of healing from chronic Lyme disease, I began a steady daily meditation practice.  Each morning, when the house is quiet, I sit in silence and still my mind of it’s whirlings.

About 4 years ago I added another piece. At the end of my 30 minute of meditation, I randomly open to a page in one of the 3-4 books on my table – Anne Morrow Lindberg, Mary Oliver, various other authors await me.  I read a page and contemplate their words.  Then I take up my pen and write in my journal, whatever has now come into my mind. Reflections.

This morning, I’d like to share this with you:

Today I am stronger than my yesterdays.  Tomorrow I move into the future.  Being here in this moment is my process of living, learning, discovering.  I hold true to my wonderfully creative and vibrant spirit, and live each day with pride and passion,  knowing that life is a precious journey of sharing and caring, opportunity and most miraculously, gilded with guidance from a higher power.  I am open to the teachings being given to me, and agree to share with others.  I live with gratitude, and in pure respect of the powers of healing.

With Blessings,


10 thoughts on “At Morning Meditation

  1. A strong affirmation and intention… thank you for sharing this. Where you wrote “gilded with guidance” my eyes saw “gliding with guidance” and I saw you on your eagle! :O) Funny what we see when we’re not looking. Also, reminding me of a daily practice I have let go of … coffee with God. So, thank you for that too. Time to get back there. Exactly.

  2. Kim,
    I am currently reading your book and find myself enthralled thorughly, your story has been my life for the last 23 years. diagnosed 3 years ago after being bitten in 1990, when I was 17. I have lived every minute that you have also lived. I have felt every moment of isolation, loneliness, frustration, anger, and betrayal. But have also had moments of sheer joy, love, and devotion. Although I have to say I am jealous that i never got to fly with the eagle! I also did not have the prilivage of taking a few years off from life, I have been working two days a week, twelve hour shifts, just to put food in my children mouths and a roof over our heads. The bills are overwhelming and piling up at an alarming rate and most days I still don’t have the energy to sit down and sort it all out. Bravo to you and your ability to pull your life back together I will pray blessings in your directions.

    Amy Hinkle-Sowers

    1. Amy,
      Thank you fro sharing your appreciation for “Out of the Woods”. I wrote for the all too many whom are shackeled with this illness or any other chronic ill. It is so life threatening when one’s spirit breaks.

      I applaud your fortitude and ability to cope in the throes of extreme adversity. I know how fierce the hardships are on so many levels. You must have an enormous will to have managed through so much.

      And, yes, to have out my life back together after complete fracture, at times feels like I climbed Everest. It was hard, hard work, and now I am alive again in a new way.

      Thank you for connecting with me and I send to you my support in your journey.


      1. Thank you for your support. I feel a strong to connection to you and everyone else has endured throughout not only the physical and emoitional pain of this disease, but also the spiritual pain and recovery. I was wondering if there are any finanical supports in place out there? The finanical draining has been most extreme, I am $30,000 in debt due to paying out of pocket expenses for this disease, our insurance and medical system has surely failed us. My husband has just lost his job (he is my 2nd husband, as my first marriage like yours was torn apart by this disease) however my 2nd husband like yours has been an absoulte God-send of spiritual, emoitional, and physicial support for me. We have a blended family now of 6 children and are really struggling. Is there any assistance for chronic Lymers like us? Also i would love to take the Stillpoint class that you took for spiritual intristic training, is that still available? Thank you for your response, my prayers continue to be with you and your family.

  3. amy- i just saw this old post reply. I believe there are some slim Lyme financial aid programs. I would chk out and ask them. I also wonder if may know.
    Stillpoint is still going!!!
    plz follow the weekly inspirational message there–wonderful!
    Hoping OOTW brought you hope and healing.

    1. Thanks Katina,
      I will check those sites out today. It continues to be a struggle financially to try to catch up, as now my husband has lost his job and we have 5 kids together. Thanks again.

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