Boston Globe Highlight Lyme Author

As many of you realize, I have been working like a whirling dervish over the last six months, since “Out of the Woods; Healing Lyme Disease, Body, Mind & Spirit” was published, lecturing, writing articles and doing radio and television interviews, to promote Lyme disease awareness.

It’s been exciting, exhausting and loads of fun, meeting the most amazing people while experiencing the breadth of this grossly neglected epidemic.  At this point, I must say that it is really mind-boggling that for 35 years this outdated, false assumption has been adhered to by the medical and scientific community, that Lyme is a short term, mild bacterial infection, addressed with a swift two weeks of antibiotics!

Hepatitis requires a year of treatment, tuberculosis many long months, HIV a lifetime of support.  How preposterous to suggest an aggressive spirochete ( a cousin to syphilis) is a minor infection in the similar rankings of sinusitis.  Though I intimately know from my own ten year healing journey, that recovery from misdiagnosed or neglected Lyme takes a LONG time, I can now assess, after six months on the road, with all of you that Lyme in many instances has consumed hundreds of thousands of individuals’ lives.

I recognize your grey pallor, your addled gait, your often dulled eyes and the weary bone tired fatigue.  Walking in a lecture room, in seconds I can sense where each of you resides in the Lyme journey.  my empathy is profound, AND I do hold hope for you, too.  It takes many modalities homogeneously blended to make a recovery.

On June 26 I will be speaking at Mass General Eye & Ear, Boston, MA, 6 PM, Brandi Dean of Boston Lyme is hosting me.  On June 27, 6 PM, I will be speaking at the Dover Library, Dover, MA.  Nancy Dougherty is hosting me.  Thank you both for helping coordinate, promote both “Out of the Woods” and my efforts as a healer and spokesperson for the Lyme community.

With great fanfare I am delighted to learn that the Boston Globe, such a venerable newspaper, has announced my Dover appearance.  See the link below.  They are obviously taking the epidemic seriously!  Thank you Boston Globe.

Come join me and the others at these talks.  There is much to share.



Boston Globe Lyme Author Link

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