Hands Across the Water- Healing Lyme and Other Chronic Illnesses

When I was a small girl my dynamic, visionary father embedded a powerful mantra into my conscious mind- “The backyard is not your playground Katina, the entire world is!  Work hard and you can achieve anything you want to in this lifetime.”

For those of you whom have read my memoir “Out of the Woods; Healing Lyme Disease, Body, Mind, & Spirit,” you have a glimpse into the magnitude of the hard work I dug in to.  Beyond achieving my specified personal goals, I had to take on the hard work of overcoming advanced chronic Lyme disease.  Though Lyme occupied my life for ten years, five years of diligent work were devoted to healing and recovery. And, it worked!

My father’s message rings loud and clear to me on many occasions.  Though gone from the earthplane since 2010, I feel his spiritual presence vividly, often when I least expect it.  My spiritual companion rides co-pilot with me.

Out in the world since October 2011, lecturing extensively with “Out of the Woods,”  I am traveling far and wide.  Just as my dad told me as a child, “the entire world is your playground.”  I love this global awareness he held.

The week of July 1 exemplified this to me, my global reach manifesting in an unsuspected abundance.  Hard work pays off, as I’ve been lecturing, writing articles and being interviewed.  Suddenly, it hit me; I saw an image of hands reaching across a vast body of water, in my mind’s eye.  I felt the global family, our unison, the camaraderie of like minds’ and hearts’ working together for a higher goal.  We are united through the subject of Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, but the higher order is truly that of healing.  Healing hearts, spirits, and bodies.

What an honor it is to share with so many special folks-hands across the water-reaching out to me, and in turn to our global family.  In these incredibly dynamic ten days I’ve just lived, I am moved to thank these wonderful people and groups that have aligned with me.  I apologize for the list format, but it helps keep things simple.  So, treasured thanks to:

Brandi Dean, Boston Lyme Support


Natasha Hampton, The Dover Shelbourne Press


Arnie Arnesen, WNHN radio, 94.7

Neil Garvey, Creations Magazine, LI, NY


Mary Arsenault, Wisdom Magazine


Bob Cavley & Danielle Hampton, The Author’s Wellness Show

Jackie Morluck and Kara Labs, ABC TV New 22, and FOX TV News 44, Vermont


Krysten Fish, Fullness of Life Foundation, AZ


Katherine T. Owens, Spiritual Author, England


Laura Wild, Public Health Alert


Laila Wold, Lyme survivor, Astrologer, Norway

Jenny O’Dea, Tick Talk Ireland


Dan Wolff, Massachusetts Deer Service


Nancy Dougherty, Dover Library, Lyme Disease Author Event, Dover, MA

Jennifer Geranimo; Publicist


And the global reach does not stop.  In recent months I’ve been communication with people in Australia, South Africa, Greece, Israel, and Canada, pertaining to Lyme disease and healing.  We may be threaded together through the struggles of this vicious epidemic illness, but the enormous amount of good work and heartfelt energy of everyone is such a beautiful experience for me.  What a glorious opportunity I am living!

It may sound silly, but I feel like I want to give the Earth a big hug!

In the meanwhile, hold that wondrous vision in your mind’s eye-

“The entire world is your playground. You can achieve anything you want in this lifetime!”

8 thoughts on “Hands Across the Water- Healing Lyme and Other Chronic Illnesses

  1. What a wonderful vision! I love it! We loved having you in Boston and hope we can have you again sometime! Thanks for a memorable evening.


  2. Kim, you are a real wonder. Both your mom and dad would be so proud….so would Judy Downing. Keep up the good work and try to get back to the Burlington, VT, area. You grew too big for us. 🙂

  3. Hands across the water…. I love that image! I think about this ‘bonding’ we are experiencing far and wide, BECAUSE of the difficult situation we have found ourselves in, and again I think ‘Lyme is not fun and I sure wouldnt wish it on another soul, but honestly look at the beautiful people I have found, look at the power of love working through total strangers, and look at the depth of my own resources that I never knew I had’ and I say again…. Rumi was right!!! EVERY houseguest brings us something… EVERY visitor leaves (or reveals?) a gift. Your image of hands across the water bring this to the front of my mind: Lyme is bringing many gifts – calling us all to ‘reach across the water’. Maybe, if we think of Lyme as a visitor, that is this houseguests intention, if a disease can
    have an intention. You always get me thinking, Katina!!

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