Lyme Disease Author Gives Talks on Long Island

Long Island is “ground zero” for Lyme disease, having been severely infested with Lyme infected ticks since the 1970’s. I recall still living on the North Shore in the 1980’s and EVERY dog in our neighborhood had Lyme disease- a lot of humans, too.

Sadly, 30 years later, matters have become worse, not better. The tick population is replicating at historically rampant rates (warmer winters likely at play) and more of them are infected.

Unfortunately, only 50% of people show a tell-tale bulls-eye rash of Lyme disease, leaving a huge percentage of Lyme infected people unaware the got bit by an infected tick. The USA is currently in the throes of a Lyme epidemic. Long Island, the East end in particular, is suffering from a serious problem. Many people are sick with chronic Lyme disease. Not all doctors are ILADS trained on Lyme treatments.

I am one of those people who went misdiagnosed for five years, with CFS/migraines/EBV, leaving me bed ridden, bereft and broke. Blessedly, I finally got properly diagnosed and underwent five years of restorative treatments, to regain my health and vitality.

I share my inspirational recovery story and the treatment modalities in the Lyme talks I have been presenting nationwide.

August 17 and 18th I will be on Long Island lecturing in my ONLY area appearances, with “Out of the Woods; Healing Lyme Disease, Body, Mind, and Spirit.”

Please see the flyer below for details and come join me. This information is too important to dismiss.

Long Island Events

4 thoughts on “Lyme Disease Author Gives Talks on Long Island

    1. Hi Fran.
      sadly no NC plans yet. I have been on the road ALL year lecturing every week and am winding down for the winter come NOV>
      Next spring we will start up again. SO, lets hold NC on the radar for the future.
      Tell me where you are. I went to Duke, you must know.
      Thank you for connecting.

    1. Hi Brandi~~~~
      wonderful to be awarded. thank you! I will tend to it next week if that is ok, as I am off to LI to lecture. I truly appreciate this SUNSHINE honor!
      kind regards to you and all at Boston Lyme.

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