working in the throes of the Lyme epidemic I see how severe things really are.

Katina I. Makris

“Out of the Woods” was published last October.  We launched it in my hometown at a festive crowd filled party amid much fanfare.  An evening of joy, tears and compassion, all of us in attendance felt the heartfelt message of healing wisdom shared in the beautiful induction from my beloved spiritual teacher, Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers. She blessed this special book and my work as a healer and messenger with such grace and divinity.  It was a true honor for me.

Ten months later now, I scan back and must say I am moved at a very deep level by what I have been experiencing, as I share “Out of the Woods” and my recovery journey from advanced chronic Lyme with others.

I am taking this time to elucidate the most intrinsic pieces with you, though I could write for days on the process in totality.  In fact, I have toyed…

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    1. Oh Mardi!! Thank you so much. I have been working harder than I have in 15 years! Like a kid in my 30’s!!! Can you believe it? All the travel and public speaking, ministering to others woes and not even sleeping in my own bed for nights on end.

      I am flying on wings of grace (my eagle) and feel so supported and loved by you all.
      My deepest gratitude to you and your kind words of praise.


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