Auto Immune Illness Support Website

Katherine T. Owens Hosts a wonderful and supportive website oriented to helping others with auto-immune disorders. I love the essence of her messages, helping others find resource and solace in the spiritual domain of life. Please visit the link above to see more.

She kindly has featured an article I wrote, highlighting how Lyme disease, the tick borne bacterial illness, is a hidden link behind many auto-immune disorders. The majority of doctors do NOT even know the appropriate tests to order to screen for these lyme organisms, ending up misdiagnosing hundreds of thousands. Please read and find out IF you can be properly tested and heal. Wouldn’t it be ‘miraculous’ to regain your health. This is exactly what happened to me~5 years misdiagnosed with CFS/migraines, 2 years bedridden and now 7 years later, healthy and whole!!

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