NBC TV interviews me and Out of The Woods, Healing Lyme disease

I had the great good fortune of being interviewed on NBC TV, WJAR, Providence, RI, by the very savvy and talented Barbara Morse Silva, an Emmy Award winning news anchor and health editor. Please enjoy our time together in the link posted here and of course SHARE with others. Lyme disease needs to be stopped! It is now the #1 fastest spreading infectious illness in the USA, surpassing AIDS and is found in 89 countries of the world.


2 thoughts on “NBC TV interviews me and Out of The Woods, Healing Lyme disease

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for writing your book, “Out of the Woods.” It has helped me more than any other source I have seen about Lyme Disease. I was born in Hanover, NH, studied art and writing in college, trained as a counselor at Antioch University’s graduate school (Keene, NH), and have been dealing with Lyme Disease for over 2 years, maybe longer. Your book continues to speak to me. I read it especially when I feel afraid and discouraged by my journey through illness. I have also lived with doctors who say nothing is wrong with me (especially one Infectious Disease doc at Dartmouth Medical Center who said that Lyme Literate doctors are only out for the money and their practices are scams, and that I’m just getting older (I’m 60) and its natural to have lots and lots of problems that don’t mean much, etc, even though I’m active and eat a very healthy diet, etc…..). Why do some docs totally minimize the intensity of our symptoms? I was tested at Igenex Labs in CA. My Western Blot test was borderline, with 2, ++ bands (41 and 58) and two significant, Lyme-related “Indeterminates” (31 and 39). I was also tested at Advanced Labs where my Borrelia blood test came back negative. So of course I wonder if I have Lyme at all. But intuitively I know I have Lyme, even though 2 out of the 4 docs I have seen think I don’t, and half the time I question whether I have anything at all. My symptoms are very similar to yours, especially the head-neck pain, gut problems, sweats, trembling (sometimes severe), intense joint and muscle pain, insomnia, fatigue. I know that all of this is not caused only by my emotions or my age, as some professionals seem to think. I started with amoxicilin but my gut rebelled after two weeks. Then I switched to doxycycline and I had a systemic allergic reaction after a few days. Treating this illness has been a challenge. My husband and I retired to San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico 6 years ago. We have just put our house on the market and are moving back to VT or NH where I can get better treatment. It’s tough down here in a country that doesn’t know much about Lyme. Luckily, I have a naturopath here who has treated Lyme patients before (she is from CA), so I’m fortunate, but it’s difficult to get what I need with tests, supplements and medicine. I am currently taking Cat’s Claw, Gaba for my neurological symptoms, and lots of supplements. Think i may have co-infections, perhaps Bartonella, but it’s difficult to be tested down here for much of anything, hence the reason we’re returning to the states for better results. anyway, thanks again for sharing your story with me. It really means a lot! Any suggestions would be wonderful. Perhaps I’ll see you at some point when we return home to NH/VT. Best to you, Mardi McGregor

    1. We have so much overlap! I live in the Monadnock region. I summered in Fairlee, VT as a kid. My ex went to Antioch grad school. Plus the lyme bugs! I love Mexico, btw.

      You can get well. Your naturopath sounds great. I did it wo antibx as you know. Rebuilding the damage and depletions is just as key as killing the bugs. I am sure she can order some metabolic profiles from Genova Labs, on GI tract, inflammation pathway, nervous system to go about designing supplements and diet to fix the ravages.

      If you come back here, I can get you connected to some good LL practioners. But, the sunshine of Mexico is worth it on a different level.

      Kind regards,

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