Greetings on an Autumn Eve

I am taking a brief moment to send my deep healing wishes to all those who suffer with illness in their life. I know the pains, the sorrow, the isolation, the fears and the dependency it can create in your world. Having been bed ridden and house bound for many years myself, I recall the loneliness and confusion I often felt. I missed the comings and goings of just every day happenings, like driving or going out sledding with my kids. Using my body in an athletic way was a huge loss for me and I pined to swim in the surf or dance all sweaty hot in a dimly lit music filled bar. I loved cooking and gardening and hiking in the pine clad forests. Working in my busy office, tending to the woes of little ones and their ear infections of the misery of menstrual discomforts among the womenfolk, slipped away as the undiagnosed Lyme disease eroded my world, stripping me of so very much.

I am a new person now, as many of you know. Five years of devoted healing work helped me reclaim my life- in a vibrant new vibration. I gained the skill of oil painting as I was recouping. I also wrote an award winning book, on my journey. Now I am out lecturing all over the country on Lyme disease and Inspiration. It is a marvel to even me, that I am swimming a mile in open water with ease daily and yes, dancing in a dimly lit bar this very last weekend! It is a great honor for me meet and connect with so many wonderful souls as I travel with “OUT OF THE WOODS”.

You are gifted and wise and sensing beings. I know many of you have been stymied by the medical profession, as you try to recover from the physical woes. Our approach to health in the past 50years became very science oriented and laboratory based. In this process, some of the common sense and traditional methods of Natural Medicine got washed away. Alongside this erosion, the power of our spiritual energy and inner innate skills of will, intention, joy, hope, belief and creativity have been glossed over.

These are personal tools and energies we can each harness and use to help ourselves promote a shift in our health and well being. By using positive intention, prayers for healing, willpower statements you can initiate a trickle of the feel good hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain, which will stimulate the immune system. Dancing and laughing in glee last weekend reminded me of what joy and passion we possess within, so accessible via music, art, comedy and beauty.

As I interface with many of you, in person, on the web, at a lecture, I am taken with the awareness that our culture has neglected a very essential piece of our beings~the nourishment of the spirit. It is a rare case these days, where leisure, beauty, comforts and joys are nurtured in abundance. We are a hard working society, burdened with dire financial obstacles in most households. Schedules are jam packed and electronics stimulate our sensitive nervous systems nonstop. The hamster wheel spins in a delerium and I want to get OFF!!! I bet you do, too.

So, let’s take a break. Let’s turn off the lights, stoke the fire, and put on some great music. Allow your mind to wander, your eyes to drift, your skin to sense. Just hang out. It’s Ok. Actually, it is wonderful. Day dreams, leisurely talks, gazing at the autumn leaves are gestures of self nourishment. Appreciate your senses, the color of the sky, the energy of a moment. You are feeding your spirt when you hang out in this void of space- the act of not doing, but just being.

So, beautiful beings, my new friends and acquaintances, readers and maybe just passerby’s, I remind you all, to cherish the pleasure, the bounty, the grace of just simply being you! In the moment of such stillness may you glimpse the treasured gift of this lifetime.


17 thoughts on “Greetings on an Autumn Eve

  1. How right you are Katina! Most of my days are spent in bed watching the clock ticking away the minutes, hours and days of my life. Some days the only positive feeling i can muster is that only x amount of hours remain before i can go to sleep and be relieved of my pain, if only temporarily. Instead consuming myself with silly activities over and over again to distract myself from the pain, i should practice self nourishment. I should take this time i’ve been given to appreciate the beauty of small everyday miracles around me and use the time to broaden my creative horizons. Thanks for the post and for reminding me to enjoy the small joys around me…the crackling of a real fireplace, the leaves gradually changing color, listening to music that reminds me of who i was at 17, 27, 37 and 47. To bask in the love and support of a good friend.

    1. Dear Julia.
      I know your very feelings, having floated on my sofa for 4 long years, ‘missing’ out on my life, so I felt. Then, I realized one day…..’ I am on my own forced retreat from life’. Others pay money to go to ashrams and monasteries for retreat. Here I am taking one at home. When, i was able to understand that life or Spirit was asking me to draw within, to self reflect, to assess and actually expand within, well then it all became different for me. I came to CHERISH the time Lyme had carved out in my world.

      I know that may sound odd, but the illness became my teacher and guide, bringing me to a spiritual dimension of healing. Bless your wondrous self for reading my blog and recognizing you are on a journey. Yes, access some creative energy- even a sketch or poem is worthy. The illness wants us to create and grow beyond our old ways and structures. I applaude your willingness and open channel of opportunity.

      Kind wishes,

  2. Good evening, Katina! What you are speaking about is so very important. As much as we all love to “do”, we also need to balance all that we do with the act of just “being.” Slowing down enough to appreciate the present moment, sit quietly, walk in nature, laugh, smell those roses. To be in nature is the best medicine. The earth is our mother and she is only too happy to heal us. We are human beings first and foremost, not “human doings!” I am so fortunate at this time in my life that I don’t have to work for anyone else, and my children are grown, so I have plenty of time to focus on being well and doing mostly what I enjoy. When we move back to the States (I live in Mexico) I will have to make money to survive. To prepare for that time, I have been spending some valuable hours thinking of ways to make money which would be replenish my soul. I love to write, make art, and cook, so that is what I am planning to do when I’m feeling better! These happy dreams sustain me, especially on those days when I’m having a tough time. Thanks so much for sharing your own experience with us and being the beacon of light for all who are in the process of healing from Lyme!

    1. you are welcome Mardi. I also appreciate that you understand the value of being with our own self and with nature. Such amazing restorative energy gained in this process, absorbing instead of giving out. We are like batteries in a sense~~~if we sit still too long we go dead or if we run too long we wear out. Need the happy medium.

      I am certain you will manifest the right work for yourself when you re-enter the USA. Meanwhile, I am vicariously savoring your experience of soaking in the beauty and power of Mexico, a land I have enjoyed many times in my life. Be well.


      1. Yes, Mexico is quite a magical place! We will miss all the color, festivals, small cities and countryside. But it’ll be wonderful to be back in the US again with our family and friends. Currently, we live outside of San Miguel de Allende, a beautiful colonial town connected with the Mexican Revolution of 1810. We live in the countryside, 9 miles outside of town in a small permaculture community (in an off-the-grid house with solar and a large cistern). We only spend $100 usd a year on property taxes and about $300 a year for propane. So easy to keep. Wish we could move our house up to the states! Never need much heat in the winter (just a roll around heater for the first hour of the day) and only a fan a week or so out of the year. If you know anyone who’d like to live down here, please spread the word. Our house website is:
        A small, Mexican registered suv (with 30,000 miles) goes with the deal, too!
        Best to you in your travels! Peace…Mardi

  3. Bless you for this perfectly timed message. I have been thinking about this so much over the past couple of weeks as I struggle daily to work full time while healing from Lyme. I feel so strongly in my gut that if I could work less and spend more time just being – watching nature, observing the world, going more slowly, nap when I am exhausted – that I just might actually completely heal. (I am cheating on work right now, reading this instead of working on a project . . .ugh)

    1. Is there ANYWAY you can claim the downtime needed for you to rest in this manner? I believe it is really a key piece to healing from illness and imbalance. I encourage your to ‘think outside the box’ and see if you can have a conversation with whomever you need to, in order to hopefully gain this time for BEING.

      1. I believe you WILL take matters to heart and make the changes you need to really heal. I am cheering you on!

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