Is Lyme Disease Sweeping the World the way AIDS has?

Many people have concerns over how Lyme disease has been deftly downplayed as a limited short term infectious illness for 4 decades now, yet droves have been treacherously ill from misdiagnosed or mismanaged cases. Current studies are illuminating female lyme ‘carriers’ are transmitting the bacteria to the fetus creating stillbirth, autism, learning disabilities, OCD. Research in the 1980’s, by Dr. Alan MacDonald, clearly pinpointed 70% of Alzheimer victims test positive for the Lyme bacteria, yet the USA government would not fund well documented continued research in this vein.

Much mystery, confusion, medical infighting and now a frank uprising by sick people and their families surrounds Lyme disease and the epidemic status it has attained. It is time for the ‘code’ to be cracked on just what this stealthy bacteria- borrelia burgdorferi and its co-infections, is all about, and let’s find an end to the suffering, the faulty diagnostic testing and the inconsistent recovery treatments! We have the medical geniuses and technologies available for other illnesses, let us just point our laser science minds onto Lyme disease, found in 89 countries of the world.

Please read and share my provocative article here, “Is Lyme Disease the New HIV?” hosted by a new and promising international Lyme community driven website:  Thank you Peter Strang in Australia for bringing me ‘onboard’. Great work can be achieved when many hands unite.

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8 thoughts on “Is Lyme Disease Sweeping the World the way AIDS has?

  1. Yes it is surely the new Aids. The government is hiding so everyone doesn’t freak out. I think alot more people have it than we think an I am sure alot have died from it however I am sure the cause of death is listed as something else. I was so close to death before finding my LLMD if I would have died it would have been listed as cardiac or stroke! I have told my family you better damn well make sure mine is listed as Lyme disease.

    1. I too think at least 50% or more of USA East and West coast residents are infected and do not even know. So much education and research is needed PRONTO! Lyme is now found in 69 countries of the world—Scandanavia, Germany, Australia, Canada in bad shape too.

  2. Hi Katina,
    Thank you so much for your generous linking back to the Lyme-aid.NET website from your site here. We really appreciate your support, and the ‘read’ stats on your article are going (as we say in Australia) Gangbusters! It is great to get such community spirit mobilised on this very real issue. It is an absolute pleasure to have you – as you say – ‘onboard’ !

    Peter Strang

    1. Peter,
      Of course I am more than happy to help spread the Lyme awareness worldwide. This is a tragic epidemic and we need to all help one another. Thrilled to hear my article is going Gangbusters!! I think you work is so important at Lyme-aid.NET.


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