Lyme Disease Radio Interview

For those of you who are in the mood for a nice review of Lyme disease and a glimpse into my 10 year personal experience dealing with this quixotic, often decimating infectious illness, listen in below to the interview I did recently with Eric Chamelik, a welcome host and nutritional counselor.

We explore many of the Lyme essentials and expand into recovery tools. This is a great show to share with others in need or curious about the world wide issue of Lyme disease.



2 thoughts on “Lyme Disease Radio Interview

  1. HI Katina, thought I might write to you as I’m not sure where else to turn. As I live in Mexico and it is difficult to find good care for Lyme disease down here, I am often left wondering what to do to take care of myself. I have been taking Samento for a couple of months, only taking 8 drops 2x a day as I can’t seem to take any more without feeling really crummy. In your book you mentioned that you were taking Samento for quite a length of time, so I thought I would see what your thoughts were. I was planning to continue with Samento (and work my way up to a higher dose) but now I have heard that I shouldn’t take it for more than a few weeks at a time (then rotate with something else) because it stops working and then I will be faced with dealing with cysts. Currently the Lyme has attacked my knee joints and I’ve been on crutches, wondering what to do. I still have lots of other symptoms, too. My doc down here suggests acupuncture and lidocaine shots, but I want to treat the cause not the symptoms (not to mention the cost). Another person down here suggested a Rife machine and let me borrow a book by Brian Rosner, but the book mentions that people with metal or foreign parts in their body can’t use the Rife. (I have a knee replacement) Do you have any suggestions? I feel pretty lost at this point and not sure what to do. Thanks! Best to you! Abrazos, Mardi

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