Dear Katie Couric, Please Help Lyme Disease

Dear Katie Couric,

Having lost 10 years of my life to misdiagnosed Lyme disease, two completely bedridden was beyond a living nightmare. Famous hospitals and doctors all looked me in the face, and gave me erroneous diagnoses like CFS, migraines, Fibromyalgia, peri-menopause, bi-polar disorder, when all the while it was the Lyme spirochete worming its way from my bloodstream to soft tissue to brain.Faulty lab testing, lack of doctor knowledge, misrepresentation by the Center for Disease Control and Infectious Disease Society have allowed this bacterial induced infectious illness to infect an estimated 3,000,000 Americans, including passing it to the fetus, over the past 10 years alone.

I lost my career and income, home and marriage, health and well-being to Lyme AND I am not alone. This epidemic now rages worldwide (89 countries have Lyme) and I am one of the rare few whom has fully recovered from this illness, with 5 years of intensive treatments and a whole life makeover. My award winning book OUT OF THE WOODS, HEALING LYME DISEASE, BODY, MIND & SPIRIT, chronicles my riveting journey and just what it looks like on the inside of this illness. My voice is one of the multitudes. Too many have lost too much.

I have now devoted my reclaimed life to Lyme disease education, recovery and advocacy. In 2012 I gave 37 lectures, 16 radio interviews, 8 front page newspaper pieces, 5 TV interviews, plus endless blogs and magazine articles on this illness. I can not ask you LOUD enough to cover this topic on your show Katie, and to bring me on as a guest. I will deliver an impressive interview for you that is authentic, intelligent and vital for the future health care of our country. This bacterial illness has surpassed HIV in how fast it is spreading. Time in NOT on our side, but your program and reporting are.

Thank you for caring for the all too many who have been mishandled for too long while Lyme disease surges.

Katina Makris, CCH, CIH.

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12 thoughts on “Dear Katie Couric, Please Help Lyme Disease

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with Katie on this! Your words will likely have significant impact and validate those stories shared by so many of us! Praying that Katie Couric will see the need for MUCH more coverage on this and perhaps this will be the beginning of a new way of looking at this disease for mainstream doctors. I so appreciate all you are doing for this cause, Katina!

  2. Katina, Thank you so very much for adding your voice to the many people who have asked Katie to do a story on Lyme. You tell your story in a powerful way and would be a perfect person to be on her show. It is a surreal experience to have an illness that is so ignored by the medical community – even exacerbated by their stance of under-treating or withholding treatment and then so cruelly segregates people into those who can find a means to get treated and those who cannot. I so appreciate your efforts to shine a light on this to stop the needless suffering and am also grateful for your book which shows a path to healing.

    1. thank you for supporting my message and endless work on behalf of Lyme disease. My life is totally centered on shifting the tides of ignorance and neglect with Lyme. I too hope I make it on her show!! It will be great for all of us.

  3. Dear katie couric, I need your help to bring this disease to a halt. I also need to ask if you can help me get ahold of Dr bessar, I think he is on. ?….abc, but my friends and I our worn out fighting this disease.
    What would you say. ? Thank guy kunkel

  4. Dear Katie,
    I pray that you are a brave person to bring awareness and the story of so many people like Katrina. All you have to do is put Lyme Disease in google and soooo many stories like Katrina and my are out there. It’s time to stop sweeping this disease under the rug and bring light to it. I’ve had this disease for about 3 years newly diagnosed in May 2012. I was not able to get out of bed read write think and the pain is something that you can’t imagine. You feel like you are going crazy and that there is no hope. All of my life I’ve been the caregiver for my family. I lived a productive life I worked and went to school p/t , I am a wife and a mother of 3 children. I had a full life!!! Now all I think about is what do I do to get better and get back to what I once was.

    All of the lyme patients have similar stories and travel the same road just to get back a half of the life they had. Please I plea that you bring awareness about lyme disease.

    Alisha Meston

    1. Alisha, please go to her blog
      KatieShow and write these very words in the thread called WORST HEALTH SCARE, so they can see your message.
      thanks and I send you healing hope and strength.

  5. Hello,
    If you haven’t already could you sign and pass around the link to this petition trying to get the IDSA guidelines reviewed. It needs many, many more signatures and the lyme community is so (relatively) small, I’m worried it won’t reach the target.

    Thank you for all your work on lyme awareness. I listened to one of your podcasts and it inspired me to carry on fighting that little bit harder in my own lyme battle.

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