“The Florence Nightingale of Lyme”- California was Great!

A whirlwind week in California, bringing Lyme disease resources and tools to many, was a wonderful experience! How fortunate I was to stay with cherished old friends, meet such special people and soak in the glorious spring sunshine. These “Lyme Mission” trips I have been making since “Out of the Woods” was published in November 2011 are nothing short of miracles. So much good comes from it all!

I am ecstatic to have regained my health, to be strong enough again to travel nationally and speak on behalf of Lyme. The universe aligns me time and again with fortuitous connections, opportunities and support while on the road. And to be instilling hope and camaraderie amongst the townships I visit feels so important. Most vivid to me is that my personal Lyme experience and professional knowledge are making a difference.

My heart just beams each time one of you tells me how helpful “Out of the Woods” has been. I know in that moment I did a good job with the book. And, then, the heartfelt handshakes, hugs and tears shared at the end of my presentation strike so deeply in my core. I’ve walked the “Lyme Road” with all of you and when I feel your suffering, confusion and fragility at these talks I feel inspired to keep at it all, even though it is hugely time-consuming and not financially profitable. The healer in me cannot let others flail.

So, with deep meditations, resting, swimming (when possible), and the laughter of friendship buoying me while traveling, somehow, I believe that if I keep at this- visiting stricken regions, holding a lamplight of inspiration, making this illness more publicly talked about, I will affect a change. A change for the better- more attention, earlier diagnostics, more thorough treatments, maybe even a vaccine! Am I crazy to be working so hard? Is it possible I can keep it up with only $5 admission at the door helping cover my travel expenses? I don’t know. Yet my instinct says I’m doing the right thing.

One of my attendees said “Katina, you are the Florence Nightingale of Lyme, comforting others and pushing for change. Thank you.” That was a sterling remark to hear uttered. As an eight year old girl, my favorite books were Florence Nightingale’s biography and “Little House on the Prairie.” Here I am, ministering to the sick and seriously wounded. Life is a marvelous, spiraling pirouette!

Thank you Maritza Padgett, Bonni Rooney and all my fabulous new friends at San Diego Lyme Support. We had a daffy series of monkey wrenches and we overcame. We were bounced out of the library by a big bash with the mayor, superseding us, a mere 24 hours prior to my appearance. Frantic phone calls, emails, makeshift signage, and we relocated to nearby Hoyt Park, my first outdoor venue. Maritza’s pop-up tents, folding chairs, and a stalwart Lyme tribe gathered. Then! The automatic sprinklers erupted, drenching us and necessitating makeshift dams constructed from random rocks and tarps! Lymies are survivors- we enjoyed two wondrous hours together! Amen.

More thanks to Shannon Connoyer, Sandi Bohle, and my new friends at Ventura Lyme Support. This event went along more smoothly, yet we lost a few folks due to our location somehow not showing up on GPS!

I appreciate the stricken, the caregivers, the healthcare providers, for joining us, all your great questions, and of course our famous synergy. My visit with each host was a delight.

Back home now, I’m prepping for North Carolina in April and getting the sponsorship package together for my upcoming radio show; “In the Lyme-Light with Katina Makris.” This is a huge step for Lyme- our own radio talk show!

So many more events to come in 2013, and my efforts to get “Out of the Woods” in audio format continue, as well as foreign translations. We’re off to a superb start!

Thank you California! You treated me well and I hope I brought you some solace and inspiration. The human being is an amazing creature. We are resilient, endowed with inner riches and capable of transformation. I honor the power within us all.


10 thoughts on ““The Florence Nightingale of Lyme”- California was Great!

  1. Katina, you were such a blessing to us. I’m sure you had been looking forward to soaking up the sunshine in San Diego rather than get soaked by unpredictable sprinklers, but you took it with such humor and kept the entire presentation so uplifting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your inspiration.

    1. So wonderful to meet you Jill!! that was a wacky sprinkler event!! and Yes I loved meeting you all and sharing my knowledge and hope for healing. San Diego Lyme ROCKS!!!! warmly Katina

  2. Although there in spirit, I sure am disappointed I was not able to attend your meeting in San Diego. I want to thank you though for giving me the encouragement of hope by sharing your own journey to wellness. Thank you for being the caring, compassionate soul you are, a ray of sunshine in this dark, lonely landscape of Lyme disease that I have been traveling in since 1988. Thank you Katina for being my friend.

    1. thank you Andi for the note— this is a very trying journey, the Lyme road. My heart goes out to you and I send hope and healing truly. Find a good naturopath or nutritionist to rebuild the massive depletions this illness creates.
      best wishes,

  3. Yea, Katina! Keep up the wonderful work that you do! (Remember me, I was born in Hanover, NH?) I was just wondering, have you ever thought of coming to Mexico to talk to people about Lyme Disease? My husband and I live in an expat community in MX with mostly Americans and Canadians, but also some Europeans. (I am a former mental health counselor from NH/VT.) Most either know someone who has Lyme Disease or are dealing with it themselves (I’ve met two others besides myself that have Lyme. I’m sure there are others, too.) I live in the countryside (in a solar home) outside of San Miguel de Allende, home of the Mexican revolution, a beautiful colonial city of 80 thousand (out of which are 10,000 expats) in the central highlands. I have been dealing with Lyme Disease in a country that doesn’t know much about it, seeing an American naturopath when I run into problems, and attempting to educate Mexican doctors and dentists (many speak English fortunately) about the disease. Would you be interested in coming here? Perhaps you could do a presentation through one of San Miguel’s many informational groups like PEN (a writer’s group), global justice, etc. If it was scheduled in advance, you might get an idea about numbers attending, and could see if it would be worth your while. We have a small guest house on our property that you could stay in without charge, and we would feed you healthy meals as well….There are also hot springs near San Miguel, too, which we could drive you to, if you’d like. Costs about 5 bucks a day per person to go to the springs! Anyway, Mexico needs to be educated about Lyme. Not sure if Lyme exists here in central MX, per se, but relapsing fever does, and I hear Lyme does exists in northern Mexico…best to you!

    1. Mardi!!!! what a generous offer—- you are a dear! I love this idea. Especially if we can do it next winter. I would need to cover my travel expenses, so we may have to charge a fee or come up with some sort of fundraising idea to get finances covered.
      I would love to help you and Mexico though–really.

      Why dont you start exploring possible groups to align with—ask the Naturopath too, if they could come up with sponsorship $$. email me at Katina.Makris@comcast.net and we can brainstorm, or we can skype Katinairene is my address there.

      much love, and well wishes, Katina

      1. Hi Katina, Sounds like a plan. Who knows, maybe we can pull it off! I’ll be coming up to NH to visit my family this May and June, see a Lyme doc, have some kind of knee-related treatments as the Lyme is now attacking both my knees (and I have a knee replacement). Maybe we could meet at some point in my stay and talk about Mexico some more, or we can email. Whatever works! I’ll also contact my Naturopath down here, and PEN (as you are a writer, and they have paying events from time to time), and natural health centers, and others, as well. At our local library, there is also a lecture series that anyone can be a part of, and you could get paid there, as well….anyway, just some ideas at this point….winter sounds good, too. It’s pretty nice down here! Much warmer than NH in the winter! Nights here can be cool (40’s usually), but daytime temps are in the 60’s and 70’s. (Might not want to come in January or Feb….coldest months in SMA with evening temps in high 30’s). Feel free to check my facebook site, too…I have some lovely photos os Mexico! Best to you! Paz y amor, Mardi

  4. Mardi, yes!!! let’s plan to visit this spring when u come up this way and we CAN make it a reality! Lots of good ideas you have there. Thank you for the invitation. I have heard many wonderful things about SMA, artists haven. I spent a year in Cuernavaca in the early 1970s. Lovely experience. Mexico is special and must bring help.
    Kind regards Katina

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