Lyme Light Radio and Advanced Cell Training with Gary Blier

Hosting ‘Lyme Light Radio with Katina’ is an extraordinary privilege. Besides presenting a tick borne disease devoted program weekly to a world wide audience, I have the opportunity to learn fascinating information and healing insights from talented scientists, practitioners, advocates, authors, and more on this critical health issue. I am in my ‘element’ you could say, exploring a subject I am passionate about, dialoguing with informed people and spreading information to multitudes. Thank you to all the powers that be for aligning me in such a channel.

Wednesday August 18th Lyme Light Radio’s fascinating guest was Gary Blier, the founder of Advanced Cell Training. 

ImageGary Blier, author of the forthcoming book, “Healing the Incurable,” was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, a progressive, incurable disease which causes relentless arthritic joint pain and immobility. Determined to beat this condition, he visited all types of traditional and alternative providers and finally found answers in California and Mexico. The doctors, who cured him, also trained him. After years of study, he learned that these corrective disciplines he learned complement each other. 

Gary combined their theories into the process now called, Advanced Cell Training. 14 years later, literally thousands of people have been empowered to overcome diseases like MS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, and many more, by following his discoveries. Gary passionately shares with his clients how to fully train their autonomic systems for optimal performance which often results in improved health. 

ACT is a unique healing protocol. As Gary so deftly explains in his interview, the body’s immune system is naturally designed to find all invasive pathogens, viruses, bacteria, fungi and more. Optimal health and balance enables us to be in a pneumonia ward of a hospital and not contract the illness. Likewise, well functioning immune systems can thwart any other infection, ie. Lyme disease, HIV, herpes! Various factors however can interrupt this rugged defense mechanism.

Stressful predisposing events, acidic diets, assorted emotional dynamics, mineral depletions and many other factors all can affect someone’s susceptibility. We then can succumb to an invasive pathogen or manifest assorted illness states.

Please listen to our mind-awakening show HERE

Gary Blier explains so practically how and why Lyme disease and other ills set up camp, often crippling our well-being. His own recovery story is validation of Advanced Cell Training’s capabilities. You will learn so much in our interview.

Having personally used ACT, I can vouch for it’s effectiveness in reducing my migraine headaches from once per week to a rare once per month attack now. As well as rescuing me emotionally from a devastating paralytic state of shock, that my physician wanted to hospitalize me for. Instead, I turned to ACT, and Gary’s treatment protocol had me functioning again in merely 48 hours. 

The mind-body healing pathway is an inborn skill set, yet we have ‘forgotten’ how to access some of these innate abilities, with modern society reaching outwards to external fixes and resources constantly, ie. a drug, a new job, a convenience food. As human beings we are designed with remarkable inner healing abilities. Gary Blier and ACT remind me, and hopefully you too, of how to get back inside ourselves to that intrinsic reservoir of recovery riches. His insights, savvy experience and thousands of success stories with sick people are a testimony to the goodness of inner healing.

Thank you Gary Blier for visiting with me and our listeners on Lyme Light Radio, our show was an invaluable window into your unique work. Please visit or call their office at (401) 398-7323 if you are curious for more information, or a free DVD about ACT. What makes the work so accessible, is that you get to do it at home, without traveling. 

As an individual who overcome advanced neurological Lyme disease, 5 years misdiagnosed, without ever touching an antibiotic, but using national medicine and mind-body-spirit healing work, I can vouch for the resiliency of the human being, when we are supported and guided properly on all planes.

Tune in to this podcast. You will learn something simple and yet powerful.

Blessings to all who are working on transformation and healing,



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