Lyme Disease: The Importance of Detoxification

Lyme Light Radio proudly partners with cyclist and lacrosse star John Donnally as he bikes across America in concert with TBDA (Tick Borne Disease Alliance) on a mission to promote awareness on the rampant spread of the infectious illness Lyme disease in our country.

No regions are exempt. Both coasts, the Ohio River Valley, Colorado, the Midlands and particularly the deep South are riddled with ticks infected with the Lyme bacteria and other illness inducing organisms. All of us need to take precautions for preventions, and learn about diagnosis.

Wednesday October 4th, 4:00PM, John joins me on-air illuminating us on his launch from San Francisco and his vision.

The second half of Lyme Light Radio this week, my substitute host is Dr. Enid Haller, PHD, who runs the Lyme Center of Martha’s Vineyard, is a Lyme patient herself and involved in helping as many as possible reclaim their lives from decimation. Thank you wonderful Enid for standing in for me, as I train travel to Connecticut for Lyme presentations with “Out of the Woods”.

Dr. Haller will interview the very talented and compassionate naturopath, nurse, NY Times Best Selling author of “21 Pounds in 21 Days”, Lyme disease specialist and detox guru, Dr. Roni DeLuz.

Get ready for a smart show!! Dr. Roni knows how to tackle Lyme from many angles and sheds light on the very essential component of detoxification as part of the healing journey.
WBLQ – 1230AM in New England
All broadcast Lyme Light Radio with Katina!

For more information about our guests see

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