Lyme Disease Help Coming to You

Thank you Lesa at Dr Roni DeLuz’s Holistic Retreat Center for offering me this amazing list of Lyme related upcoming events, bringing help and information to millions. Please read this through, as I am certain at least one of them will speak to you.

I am delighted to announce I will be teaching at the Nov 11-15 Lyme Celebrity Detox Retreat with Dr Roni. I will be bringing my profound skills of teaching participants how to move to their soul’s center and access inner healing energies we all bear, but have forgotten how to use. This is life-altering information, and it is my honor to work with those of you coming to the retreat. Healing includes more than physical doctoring. We must align within.

1). Cape Cod Times October 4th 2013. Please read this on-line as this will tell the editors that we support their efforts with lyme and encourage continued stories.

2). Dr Richard Horowitz MD LLMD ILADS from Hyde Park Ny will be on Katie Couric Wednesday October 9th at 4pm in our area. He will be discussing his new book: Why I can’t get better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease

3). Lyme Center Announces Free Scholarship Available for Celebrity Detox Retreat. The Retreat runs from November 11 thru 15, 2013, at the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown, Massachusetts. The retreat is part of an intensive natural healing program pioneered by the Lyme ­Literate Naturopathic Doctor, Roni DeLuz. see the web page at MV Holistic Retreat ­­detox­at­the­harbor­view/  For the accepted scholarship candidate, the Celebrity Detox Retreat fee of $4,500 will be waived. 

4). My dear friend and filmmaker Richard J. Longland whose many accomplishments include: Founder & Principal The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation, Inc. Global Discussion on Spine Health & Arthroplasty Getting Back on Their Feet Film BiofilmCommunity.orgWhy Am I Still Sick Film;  has this info to pass on …”Eva Sapi, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science at the University of New Haven, hosted my visit 2008. She collaborated with Dr. Alan MacDonald, retired pathologist and Borrelia career researcher, to discover and prove that Borrelia creates biofilms, as microbes have been doing for three billion years.

Using video microscopy, Dr. Sapi’s grad student David Luecke explains in this video how DNA from the Borrelia burgdorferi strain B31 “fluoresces” or glows an eerie green. Any green life forms you see in their various states originate from the B31 strain of Borrelia – one of 100+ strains known. Prior to Dr. Sapi’s pioneering efforts researchers dismissed Borrelia biofilms. As well, Borrelia biofilm would ruffle the feathers of the IDSA, NIH, CDC and (most) insurance companies, as it would spell out an obvious, scientific syllogism for neuroborreliosis – known previously as chronic Lyme Disease. Later, they learned that Sapi et al were correct — that the standard BSK media could be enriched with collagenase (which humans have abundantly) and proved to be ideal for growing spirochetal, slimy communities! This video shows four different life forms alive in the community: spirochetes, cysts, granular and of course the biofilm community itself. Biofilms protect the microbial community from the immune system and antibiotics, which enable infections to live indefinitely inside us. Hence, chronic Borreliosis (chronic Lyme disease).  Note: you may have seen this before in low resolution. I offered it to the producers of Under Our Skin years ago (free of charge). In this HD version, I included some amazing new high res AFM photos and additional explanations. Special thanks to David Luecke, who provided these slides, and of course to the Sapi-MacDonald team!

Richards latest film on biofilms entitled “Why Am I Still Sick?” can be purchased for $ 25.00 with all proceeds going to LACC (Lyme Awareness of Cape Cod) contact me for details.

5). Lyme Disease and Tick-Borne Illness Community Conference,  Saturday, November 9th, the Neuromuscular Infection Treatment & Rehabilitation Interest Group, hosting this event in the The Auditorium of the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Featured speakers include

8am-9am Mark Eshoo, PhD, Abbot Technologies “Direct Detection of Tick-borne pathogens”

9am-10am Richard Horowitz, MD “Lyme Disease and Multi-Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome (MSIDS): A new paradigm for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic illness.”

10am-11am Katherine Lantsman, MD “Prevention Strategies for Tick Borne Illness”

11am-12pm Leo Shea, PhD “Neuropsychology of Lyme Disease”

For directions, please refer to MGH’s website:  RSVP is required for this event, so please contact me, James, via email: to confirm the number in your party.

To help us offset some of the conference costs, a donation of $25 per attendee is suggested, which can be made at:

Katina Makris, CCH, CIH

Host of Lyme Light Radio, Wednesdays 4pm et/1pm pt — streaming on and at WBLQ 1230AM

7 thoughts on “Lyme Disease Help Coming to You

  1. Good stuff Katina. Hope you saw my latest. The death of a Poughkeepsie 17-year-old is especially tragic.

    Please feel free to Tweet or RT. Thanks.

    LYME DEATHS: 9 in N.Y., 5 in valley True count is likely larger; federal government to investigate August death of Dutchess tee

    Mary Beth Pfeiffer Projects Writer Poughkeepsie Journal 845-687-0792: home office 845-437-4869: Poughkeepsie office

    1. OMG! Mary Beth—dont know how I didnt see you post reply here. I will rewteet it now, tho is later than you published the piece. I apologize. Would you be interested in coming on Lyme Light Radio and share some of your insights gathered from such in depth reporting?

      I will have my assistant Charlotte phone you.
      Kind thanks– keep up your amazing work

  2. Katina greetings from Santa Barbara and congratulations on all the great work you are doing. It was nice to meet you when you were here!

    I am looking for some Direction and welcome your thoughts. I am feeling the need to escape my family and “check in” somewhere for a month to rest, follow protocol and find a helper to juice, make meals etc. while I give my body and spirit a rest. Currently I am starting high dose vitamin C again which seems to be the most effective tool so far. I envision a house or room somewhere with a healing Grandma!

    Does such a place exist? At this point running to doctors does not seem to be the right approach. I think quiet, spiritual reflection and TLC would go a longer way but despite the fact that my home is beautiful I feel i am at a critical turn and need a break from my role here. I would welcome any thoughts you have. There is definitely a difference between treatment and healing.

    Your thoughts are so welcome and thank you for being such a leader, pioneer and voice for all of us. Warmly, Lynne

    Sent from my iPad

    1. I moved to AZ for the sunshine, and to escape mold illness. I am a nutritional therapist, and do gaps diet and juicing, and am interested in sharing my home with another lyme person who is dedicated to healing for short or long term. Not exactly a retreat in the mountains, but an option.

    2. I missed this Lynne. I am so sorry. I know your feeling. A wonderful Lyme community friend in San Miguel Allende, Mexico comes to mind for you. Plz email me at
      Let us see.
      Plz see your future self well and healed.
      Thank you for supporting my mission and work.
      Bless you

      ps. do you see the post here from RobinSchuett-Hames. She may a good fit for you.
      pps. Thank you Robin

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