International Lyme Disease Conference Calls Us Together

Another pivotal gathering calls for the curious and expansive minds in health care to unite. ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Disease Society) holds their annual conference this year in San Diego, CA. Please visit the website for a full detailed schedule of the weekend’s itinerary and the phenomenal array of cutting edge tick borne illness practitioners, researchers and advocates presenting. Having attended ILADs 2012 in Boston, I know ILADS 2013 in San Diego will be equally important.

Those attending; whether health care professionals, patients, care-givers, vendors and laboratories, all hold a deep commitment to ending the confusion, denial and mismanagement of Lyme disease, finally being recognized as the ‘plague’ of the 21st century.

With the Center for Disease Control acknowledging in August 2013 that the 34,000 Lyme cases reported to them annually are a mere 10% of the probably true number contracted, we are facing a public health crisis in the USA. 300,000 plus cases of Lyme disease surpasses the 104,000 diagnosed cases of HIV at the peak of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1990’s.

I applaud the courageous health care providers who have opened their eyes to an exploding epidemic and are willing to come for additionally training and education about tick borne illnesses. Too many millions of people in the USA have been stricken, compromising, some chronically ill and even deaths over the recent decades, because Lyme was not properly diagnosed at it’s early onset, acute phase.

On the road with my book, “Out of the Wood”, I witness the mass suffering. My heart resonates with the tragic nature of this illness, having been bedridden for years myself.

I will be speaking at the Lyme Disease Rally and Protest on Saturday morning, October 19, in parallel to the ILADS Conference. Please come to this important rally. Bring home made Lyme disease signs, lend your voice, your intention, your presence with all of us helping to garner media and governmental awareness.

This subject affects us all. Lyme disease can be contracted by any one of any age, in all regions of the USA. Ticks are transported by animals and birds as they migrate and roam. Prevention information should be mandatory in all schools, park systems and health care offices. 

We want to wake up America to our susceptibility and promote education. ILADS 2013 is a banquet of illuminated people and material. Many of the speakers will be available on live stream during 10/18-20.

As the host of “Lyme Light Radio” I will be greeting future guests for upcoming program broadcasts. What a delight for me to be ensemble with the leading talents bravely working in the trenches of an epidemic!

Join us on live stream, and of course on in the weeks to come as we explode many Lyme related topics.

Thank you,
Katina Makris

2 thoughts on “International Lyme Disease Conference Calls Us Together

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