Helping our Friends in Massachusetts Pass a Lyme Insurance Bill

Please spread the word!


The Massachusetts Joint Committee on Financial Services has announced a hearing on H.989, An Act Relative to Lyme Disease Treatment Coverage, on Wednesday, November 13, 1:00-4:00 at the State House in Boston, Room A2. This bill will require that insurance companies cover open-ended antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease when prescribed by a physician.


  • attend the hearing,
  • send written testimony,
  • speak at the hearing, if you are able.

Tell them: 

  • Where in Massachusetts you are from,
  • Your personal story, briefly, on how Lyme has effected you or your loved ones
  • The cost of Lyme (personally and economically) to you and your family. This part is important, as this hearing is before the Financial Services Committee.
  1. If you were denied your physician-prescribed treatment by your insurance company, please tell the Committee so!

If your senator or representative is also a member of the Financial Services Committee, please speak with that person before the hearing. Our elected state officials need to know that Lyme disease is serious and costly, long term treatment can be essential, and many patients are being denied this treatment by their insurance companies.

Even if you do not plan on speaking or submitting written testimony, please come! Just your presence there sends a message that this bill is important. Let’s pack the hearing room!

If you are planning on speaking, you will be limited to 3 minutes. Since we don’t want to put the chairman in the awkward position of having to cut you off, please prepare your remarks in advance (3 minutes is about 2 typed pages). Practice reading or reciting what you will say, and time yourself.

We will work to organize car pools to the hearing, so stay in touch with your support group leaders and MassachusettsLyme for more details. To send your written testimony, please email it to or fax it to Trish McCleary at 774-241-0071.  


One thought on “Helping our Friends in Massachusetts Pass a Lyme Insurance Bill

  1. I am from MA and have been denied long term IV treatment. I had to stop after 5 weeks as can afford it. I was improving a lot and able to work. I am an RN  have not been able to work since April 2013 and had to leave a high paying executive position in a hospital..  I am about to lose my home due to waiting for long term disability approval and have no income.  I will definitely write my story and submit it. I would love to attend the hearing and speak. Right now, I am in too much pain to even get off my couch. I am in orocess of reading your book and you are truly inspirational!!!  Sincerely Sharon Chaput

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