A Time of Thanksgiving on Lyme Light Radio

Lyme Light Radio celebrates two remarkable individuals, bringing invaluable work to the world and Lyme disease community on our pre-Thanksgiving Day broadcast. Join us Wednesday 11/27, 4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT on LymeLightRadio.com, TheDrPatShow.com or 1230AM WBLQ in Southern New England.

John Donnally, athlete, Lyme disease warrior, educator and missionary, riding across the USA with Tick Borne Disease Alliance on the ‘Bite Back For A Cure’ campaign, is on the finals days of his journey, destination Central Park, NYC on December 1. Join us to learn of his amazing updates as John traverses into the Eastern US.

Exciting news publicly announced last week, is that Inanna House, an integrative medicine residential Lyme disease healing center, has received its 501(c) status. Mara Williams, of Gordon Medical Associates in Sonoma, CA, is the founder of Inanna House. Working avidly for several years to make this critically needed facility a reality. We are delighted to have Mara Williams on-air to discuss all the particulars and philosophy for the Lyme disease center of the future. 

Join us for a special double book give away! First callers receive “Nature’s Dirty Needle” and “Out of the Woods”!

Blessings to all,


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