The Gift of a Buddha

I sit each morning in meditation. Then I open from a random book near me, a stack of them of spiritual essence awaiting me. Today I encountered this lovely reading from “Buddha” by Manuela Dunn Maschetti. It speaks to me on how essential being present is in our own lives, in each moment we live, in the nature of our relationships. The world spins in such frantic ways these days; doing, reaching, acquiring, speeding now the norm in Western society. These words remind me of my own learning gained in 10Plaza portrait years of stillness during my healing journey from Lyme disease. Please mull on this a bit. There is a richness of truth ringing clearly.

This is my gift to you, as I celebrate the day I was birthed into this world by my mother many years ago.Thank you Patricia for delivering me and to all for joining me in the journey of living and being our own form of Buddha.


Katina I. Makris

The enlightenment of Buddha was not primarily a religious discovery or a mystical encounter with God. It was an individual’s direct, exact, and final discovery of the structure of reality and of the ultimate nature of being. A Buddha’s mind rests within the human body, and frames the possibility of Buddhahood for each individual. “Buddha” is not a title, but simply a statement of fact; the awakened one, the enlightened one, the evolved.

Sammasati: remember that you are a Buddha. In everything you do, in everything you feel, in everything you think, in every movement of consciousness- remember that you are a Buddha.

Buddhism proposes that every life has the purpose of achieving supreme happiness through total awareness of itself and the universe. Every being has been working from time immemorial to perfect his or her nature over lifetimes. This fulfillment, this perfection, occurs by understanding, awareness, wisdom, watchfulness and sensitivity. And the infinite number of beings who have already achieved perfect Buddhahood share that happiness and light with all other beings, showering us every second with infinite grace, beauty, love and compassion. They become the guardians and friends who watch over us as we walk on the path.

When Buddha addressed his disciples at the beginning of each sermon, he would call them, “My beloved, my friends, my fellow travelers,” and this is what Buddhas are to each one of us.


Katina I.Makris is the author of “Out of the Woods:Healing Lyme Disease, Body, Mind & Spirit” and host of Lyme Light Radio.

4 thoughts on “The Gift of a Buddha

  1. Divine Flow Katina. That is where you are. I see the infinite, the perfection, the sacred Buddha in you. You bless us with your meditation. You bless us in your sharing. My deepest gratitude dear friend. Namaste, Emily

  2. “The Warrior of Light knows that Intuition is God’s Alphabet and she continues listening to the Wind and talking to the Stars.” Manual from the Warrior of Light by Paulo Coelho…….Katina? when my Soul Sister Twin Barbara made all the arrangements for me to place my hands inside of yours, I sensed immediately that you are the great, humbled listener and talker of the Wind and the Stars!!!! I am moving towards the Winds and the Stars and the Moon and the Sun with now Dr.Jeffrey., too…….I am always FOG (Full of Gratitude, FOG), for my Best Friend Barbara for her Natural Light of just Intuitively knowing that my Sufferings will be Exiting my Spiritual & Mystical Path in God’s Time…..

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