The Way to Create Great Writing (hint: it doesn’t have to be hard!)

From the moody hills of Vermont, a brilliant editor, Suzanne Kingsbury shares our wonderful writer’s retreat weekend process. Please read how deliciously we created new work and crafted a synergy of boundless creativity!!

Katina I. Makris

Dede Cummings


Guest post by author/editor Suzanne Kingsbury

Sometimes when you least expect it, magic happens. And that magic almost always starts with intention.

This weekend eight incredible women took the step forward to make space for a little luxury, some pampering and tons and tons of creativity. On Friday afternoon, I walked into literary agent and publisher, Dede Cummings’, light-filled post and beam house in the hills of Vermont, and felt everything in me exhale. A fire burned in the fireplace, the house smelled of fresh fruit, and, as the dusk sky turned a magnificent ochre, my beautiful retreat women started piling in.

We snuggled up. Margie massaged us through our blocks, and shared her secret for getting her book Fourth Uncle in the Mountain into all the indies; Katina explained her strategies for garnering top media attention for her book Out of the Woods, which sold out of its first…

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