Prevention Tips for Lyme Disease

Spring has officially arrived, though some states in the Northern latitudes are still ensconced with deep snows. The warming temperatures, however, propel tick activity, greatest carrier of the dangerous bacterial infection of Lyme disease, along with assorted co-infecting microbes (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, bartonella, babesia, more.)

Spring is the fresh breeding cycle for ticks, when they hatch out a new batch of ‘nymphs,’ which are translucent or so tiny they may be smaller than a pinhead. These nymphs can carry Lyme disease picked up on a host they feed upon – deer, mouse, rabbit – then attach to a human or pet and transmit the infectious microbe. Being so tiny, we rarely see a nymph on our body, or they are masked in our hair, on our back, or such.

As we emerge into the outdoors, tending to our spring gardens, cleaning winter’s debris, or even golfing, hiking, or fishing, we put ourselves into tick habitats everywhere in the USA! This is not a regional illness any longer. Carrier birds have transported Lyme disease globally – Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia are affected too.

However, on the person level, just what can each of us do to help protect ourselves from tick exposure and reduce the rick of becoming infected with Lyme disease, America’s fastest-spreading illness?

Good news comes with my “Lyme Light Radio” guest on Wednesday, March 26, at 1PM PT / 4 PM ET: Peter Aqualina, owner of Deer DeFence and a man with decades ‘in the field,’ armed with top-notch tick knowledge.

This will be a great show as we learn about environmental issues, your own yard, prevention tips and the latest in tick deterrents. Peters is a wealth of knowledge, passionate about the epidemic, and savvy about its treacherous repercussions, and witnessing thousands of families residing in Connecticut struggling with Lyme disease.

unnamedPeter C. Aquilina is the CEO and founder of Deer DeFence, LLC. The only company in the past 30 years to pioneer a Deer Abatement Mesh specifically designed to exclude deer and other wildlife. Since 1998, Peter’s expertise is unmatched in the field of deer and tick behavior and abatement, and is highly sought after by property owners, landscape architects, commercial property managers, organic growers and farmers, and many others. His “No Nonsense” approach along with his passion for the business, has created a new standard of excellence within the industry.

Peter’s background includes a BS from University of Buffalo and over 15 years of field research. Peter is not just an advocate for the Lyme disease community, he is also a Lyme Disease patient, having suspected the infection since 2002 but not testing positive until 2009. Peter has learned firsthand how devastating this disease can be and how the mainstream medical community is lacking the proper tools and knowledge to effectively treat or even diagnose patients.

Join us at,,, and Talk Radio WLBQ 1230 AM in Southern New England. This is a show for your safety. Do not miss the self-help measures you can take, no matter what state you live in.

Thank you,

Katina F. Makris, CCH, CIH

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