United Kingdom Gives Us Glimpse Into Lyme Disease on Lyme Light Radio

As many of us here in the USA realize, Lyme disease is the 21st century illness, exploding in proportions akin to HIV, polio and tuberculosis in the prior century. Because this bacterial infection has ‘stages’ (a cousin to syphilis) the initial initial acute outbreak of approximately 2 week duration resembles the flu and millions of people worldwide never get diagnosed and treated properly with appropriate antibiotics, unless they fortuitously have a ‘Lyme literate’ physician, or ever go to a doctor at all. Consequences usually follow as a quieter post-acute ‘waiting’ phase where symptoms mollify to a degree, with perhaps a lingering headache or fatigue or join pain. Then, mysteriously, weeks, months, years later a blown nightmare of symptoms and illness blossoms – Bells Palsy, migraines, fibromyalgia, CFS, MS, ME, RA and more.

No one connects any of this to that prior ‘flu’ and maybe a bacterial cause? Lyme disease is transmitted commonly by the lowly tick and carried around the globe by migrating birds. It is everywhere, on every continent and sadly the majority of countries, their infectious disease councils, national health statistic boards and even regular physicians and citizens do not have a clue of how present  this serious illness is, nor the frightening rate of infection matters are exploding at. The United Kingdom for years has said ‘we don’t have ticks here’. Their board of health has denied existence of Lyme disease and Dr. has been a thorn in the side of Lyme support groups trying to make headway with gathering cases, reporting infections and acknowledging Lyme in the UK!

‘Lyme Light Radio’ eagerly welcomes two vocal and loud working Lyme activists from UK with us live on air Wednesday, April 2nd, 1 pm PT/4pm ET/8pm GMT. This is fabulous to bring a global Lyme disease dialogue to out audience and the world. I am honored to be expanding world awareness on this exploding health care crisis. Please join me with Jenny O’Dea of Tick Talk Ireland and Nicola Seal of the Lyme Disease UK at LymeLightRadio.com, TheDrPatShow.com, TransformationTalkRadio.com, and Talk Radio WLBQ 1230 AM in Southern New England.

You can listen to the episode now at http://thedrpatshow.com/shows/mak-140402-odea.mp3

Thank you,

Katina F. Makris, CCH, CIH


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