“Lyme Disease Music Festival in the South” Co-Host, Gregg Kirk, Shares his Incredible Lyme Healing Story on Lyme Light Radio

This week on Lyme Light Radio, I will be interviewing Greg Kirk of the Zen Engines band, who is also the founder of the Ticked off Music Festival! This is an interview I have been excited about for months, as Gregg Kirk is a remarkable human being, talented musician and songwriter and has a stunning Lyme disease recovery to share with us. After 7 years of failed antibiotic therapy, Spiritual Healer, John of God, cured him. This is a show for EVERYONE!! You MUST listen to Gregg’s journey– blows your socks off!! Tune in April 23 to LymeLightRadio.com

As so many of us realize, Lyme disease, America’s fastest spreading infectious illness, is moving at a rate four times faster than HIV/AIDS in contagion. This is a serious matter that all of us need to focus on. Everyone can be exposed to ticks, the primary carrier of the bacteria.

The American Southern states, from Virginia through the deep South and into Florida, are rampant with Lyme disease infested ticks and other insects, yet scant education, awareness, or doctor training has progressed in these areas. Some Southern state infections disease societies do not even acknowledge the illness exists in their states, yet individuals present with the classic early acute infection signs: bulls-eye rash, joint pain, headaches, and fatigue.

Also, of note is that On Saturday May 17, Jacksonville Florida hosts an important and timely event – the Lyme in the South Music Fest. Please read more below and join us all on he sparkling Atlantic Seacoast for a spectacular showcase of talent, invaluable education, and a great fund-raising cause.

lymeinthesouthfestThe Ticked Off Music Fest is an East Coast, US concert series dedicated to the prevention, awareness and cure of Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses that have become the fastest-growing infectious diseases in the country. – See more at: http://www.tickedoffmusicfest.com/

The next Ticked Off Music Fest event to kick off is the Lyme in the South Music Fest in collaboration with the Florida Lyme Disease Association.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 17 at River City Brewing Company in Jacksonville, FL beginning at 3 p.m.

The music line-up features Pat DiNizio, frontman of the Smithereens, famous for such hits as “Blood & Roses,” “Behind the Wall of Sleep,” “Girl Like You,” and “Only a Memory.” Pat will be playing acoustic versions of these songs as well as tunes from his solo releases.

Also featured is Les Stroud from the “Survivorma” TV series. Les will be playing acoustic guitar & harmonica and will also be educating on tick awareness and prevention.

Rounding out the bill is Houston-native Alisa Turner who will be playing her breakout hit “Breathing” about her own struggles with Lyme disease. Also performing is Gregg Kirk of The Zen Engines who will be playing acoustic versions of his band’s material, all inspired by his healing journeys through Lyme Disease.

Speakers include Katina Makris (Lyme activist & author of “Out of the Woods”), Dr. Kerry Clark (a University of North Florida professor of epidemiology and environmental health who has published ground-breaking studies confirming Lyme in the South), and Lyme-literate physician Dr. Shirley Hartman.

Come on down! You will not be disappointed and in turn have time of your lives! I know this event opens the door for much needed change and success on many levels. I would love to see you there.

Join us live on LymeLightRadio.com, TheDrPatShow.com, TransformationTalkRadio.com, and WBLQ 1230 AM in Southern New England. “Lyme Light Radio With Katina Makris” broadcasts every Wednesday, bringing the most informative, inspirational, and innovative interviews to you and all matters related to Lyme Disease. You can also listen to my interview with Greg on iTunes or at http://thedrpatshow.com/shows/mak-140423-kirk.mp3


Katina I Makris, CCH, CIH


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