Living Well With Lyme Disease

The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY offers a weekend Lyme disease workshop, “Living Well With Lyme Disease: on June 29022. I will be co-teaching with Dr Tom Francescott and Dr Richard Horowitz, author of “Why Can’t I Get Better? This is the first Lyme disease weekend of its kind; offering the most sophisticated medical knowledge with integrated naturopathic medicine and the spiritual aspects known to foster healing from this often complex illness. Saturday night, the Summer Solstice, will include a special healing circle. Renowned musicians will also be joining us, including Greg Kirk of the Zen Engines.

Lyme Light Radio welcomes Dr Francescott on air this Wednesday, April 16, at 1 PM PST/4 PM EST. Dr Francescott will be shedding light on the supportive naturopathic medical work he has had such success with regarding Lyme and co-infections.

The second half of the April 16 show will include an interview with the famous Lyme Research Alliance (formerly known as “Time for Lyme,”) from Greenwich CT. This extraordinary foundation has been leading wonderful fundraising drives for over a decade to help support research into Lyme disease. This will be a great opportunity for us to learn more about the current BEST research programs going on and the doctors with the most critical pulse point on the epidemic.

You can learn more about the Lyme Research Alliance at

This will be a truly informative show! Join us live on,,, and WBLQ 1230 AM in Southern New England. “Lyme Light Radio With Katina Makris” broadcasts every Wednesday, bringing the most informative, inspirational, and innovative interviews to you and all matters related to Lyme Disease.

Tune in! You can listen to the episode now on iTunes or at

Katina I Makris, CCH, CIH

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