Dr Wayne Anderson on Mycoplasmas and Lyme Cases That Do Not Resolve

Lyme disease is wreaking havoc world-wide. I got a touching email from Belgium Lyme Support telling me how much they value Lyme Light Radio with Katina each week, savoring the news our brilliant guests share. They gather together to listen to the show and discuss. This truly touched my heart~~ to discover this wonderful radio show is reaching around the globe and bringing such resource to so many in need!! The crazy hours I keep, the generosity of our talented guests to lend the time, knowledge and passion to us all for free. WOW! The synergy is amazing and so very worth it, to think we are creating dialogue and affecting CHANGE~ as my opening music conveys.

This week we welcome back a very Lyme seasoned practitioner. Dr. Wayne Anderson is a renowned naturopath at Gordon Medical Association with three decades of experience in treating tick-borne diseases. He will explain to us how mycoplasmas are the culprit in many Lyme cases that do not fully recover. Many ‘Lyme’ cases stall and do not fully recover. Dr Anderson’s experience pinpoints one of the ‘co-infections’ ticks also infect us with, mycoplasmas!! Get ready to learn a TON!!

Call in questions can be directed to 800 930 2819 during the show. Join us this Wednesday at TransformationTalkRadio.com

wayne_andersonWith a background in education, Dr. Wayne Anderson understands the role of teaching in medical care. Working with grade school students he saw that diet and environment impacted student’s mood and behavior. This sent him back to school for training as a Naturopathic doctor. A growing focus on natural healing approaches in clinical practice in Oregon caused him to broaden his assessment and treatment skills and he earned the designation of Physician Assistant.
For two decades, Dr. Anderson practiced in a busy community-based family medical center, treating individuals and families from birth to old age. His emphasis on patients experiencing chronic illness grew. As he became aware of the prevalence of chronic Lyme disease and related conditions he realized the important part they play in chronic illness.
In 2002, Dr. Anderson left family practice to work with Eric Gordon MD. Now he has a practice with a concentration on chronic illness, using tools and experience from both conventional and integrative medicine. At GMA, with a growing focus on Lyme disease, he has developed a deeper understanding of chronic illness, its treatment, and the frontiers still available as possible solutions.
A curious and dedicated clinician, Dr. Anderson is committed to the ongoing process of learning and teaching. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Anderson maintained his initial focus on teaching. For over 20 years he taught medical students at Touro Osteopathic Medical School, and supervised residents from Sutter Hospital and interns from the Physician Assistant programs in the clinic setting. He is also a popular speaker on the topics of Lyme disease and neurotoxin illness.
For more than 25 years, Dr. Anderson has known that his patients are partners in the process of learning about and treating their illness, whether they choose conventional or alternative medicine or a combination of both. He listens to understand each patient’s strengths and challenges and improve his effective interaction with them. He sees every person as complex, integrated, and unique, and believes that treatment should optimize health and well-being.

Join us on Wednesday, June 11, at 1PM PT/4PM ET and don’t forget to call in at 800 930 281 if you have any questions for Dr Anderson! You can listen to the episode right now on iTunes or athttp://thedrpatshow.com/shows/mak-140611-anderson.mp3

Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH


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