Jackie De Vries and the Emotional Ramifications of Lyme Disease

Those who have been infected with Lyme disease are often profoundly affected with emotional mental symptoms, besides the flu-like complaints and assorted physical symptoms. Children and teenagers very commonly manifest these psychological states with scant physical symptoms, leading doctors, parents, and teachers to label them disabled, autistic, depressed, or temperamental. Fierce anxiety spells, rageful anger, drowning depression, OCD, stammering speech, bi-polar mood swings,and phobias are all very common Lyme disease signs – even in a brand new, acute infection! This week I interview Jackie de Vries, MS, LMT, AIBT. who lends us great support with the very difficult emotional and mental aspects of this Lyme disease, which has the highest suicide rate of any illness. With many years of counselling Lyme-stricken clients, Jackie has a wealth of knowledge on just what happens to an individual’s brain chemistry with a tick-borne infection, as well as strategies for healing at their level.

JackieDevries After completing a Masters in Computer Science at Columbia University and working in computer research, Jackie went on to graduate from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a 4 year college equivalent program teaching spiritual and energy healing in 1999. In 2005, following flu and tetanus vaccines and a significant life stressor, she experienced a major health decline, with muscle wasting, loss of speech and sensitivity to most foods. Jackie’s journey to recover her health and her cognitive function led her to learn about the role of toxicity and to utilize functional medicine, environmental medicine and many complementary modalities, including neurotherapy for health restoration. Jackie is a certified neurotherapist and a licensed massage therapist. She continues to leverage her research nature by investigating and evaluating promising healing modalities and wellness protocols. Her goal in clinical practice is to help each client find their path to wellness. Jackie is married and has two sons in college, both of whom have been shepherded through school with learning differences. She has lived in Mahwah, NJ for 30 years.

Jackie joins us on Lyme Light Radio this Wednesday, June 25 at 1PM PT/4PM ET, on WBLQ in Southern New England or at http://www.transformationtalkradio.com. You can listen to Jackie’s interview right now on iTunes or at http://thedrpatshow.com/shows/mak-140625-de-vries.mp3.

Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH


One thought on “Jackie De Vries and the Emotional Ramifications of Lyme Disease

  1. Husband went there, Jackie is a great person and has a heart of gold. However, please be aware we had to discontinue due to the fees and it not be covered by insurance. Yes, I am reimbursed but you still have to lay out the cost is which an average of $175 per session. But, if you have the means please do I’m sure Jackie would do a great job in your recovery journey.

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