Renowned Author Connie Strasheim On Detoxifying Our Bodies and Homes

One of the pieces in the puzzle of chronic Lyme disease is environmental. Toxins in our bodies and homes can weaken our immune systems, increasing our chances of becoming ill and making recovery more difficult.

This week, I welcome prolific health and holistic wellness author Connie Strasheim to Lyme Light Radio. Having overcome chronic Lyme disease herself and written several books, Connie brings a wealth of knowledge to Lyme Light Radio. We are eager to hear about detoxifying our bodies, homes, and more!

My interview with Connie airs this Wednesday, July 30, at 4PM ET on and WBLQ 1230 in Southern New England. You can listen live on iTunes or at

Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH

ConnieStrasheimConnie Strasheim is the author of seven books on holistic wellness, including Lyme disease, cancer, detoxification, nutrition, chronic illness and spiritual healing. Some of her books involve ghostwriting for top integrative and naturopathic medical doctors that have had success treating serious chronic illnesses that conventional medicine has failed to adequately treat. In addition, she is a copywriter and physician podcast interviewer for the Alternative Cancer Research Institute, an organization dedicated to alternative and integrative treatments for cancer.

Her most widely recognized books are on chronic Lyme disease, including the bestselling, “Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment” and her most recent book, “Beyond Lyme Disease: Healing the Underlying Causes of Chronic Illness in People with Borreliosis and Co-Infections.”

Connie also lectures on health and wellness topics and volunteers as a healing prayer minister at her local church in Colorado. She hosts nationwide prayer conference calls for those with chronic illness, as she believes that Jesus Christ still heals today, both supernaturally as well as through medicine.

She is a strong communicator and leader, and enjoys helping people to become whole, in body, mind and spirit.


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