Lyme Disease in Belgium

Many people think of Lyme disease as a danger primarily in Eastern North America. The truth is that Lyme disease is a growing, worldwide epidemic that is ignored by the medical establishment. This week on Lyme Light Radio, I will be joined by two guests who will share the struggles, and progress, of chronic Lyme disease sufferers in Northern Europe.

You can tune this Wednesday, October 1 at 4PM Eastern Time at or on WBLQ AM 1230 in Southern New England.

Katlna Makris, CCH, CIH

Diana van Dromme

At the very early age, Belgian lyrical mezzo-soprano Diana Van Dromme started studying music. Playing the violin, piano and singing were her passion. What started as a hobby became her work. In 1997 and 1998 she graduated as a Master in Music, specialising in music theory and music education at the Royal Conservatorium of Antwerp. At the age of 37, in 2010, she received her degree as a Master of Music in Vocal Performance with a specialization in Classical Voice in the Netherlands. She was working as a teacher in music and as a vocal coach in music academies, gave recitals and was active on the concert stage.

She developed symptoms of Lyme Disease immediate during and after her Master Studies in 2010 and became ill regularly. In the meantime she got a degree as a psychosomatic therapist. Since the beginning of October 2013, she had to make the decision to give her healing and treatment the full attention that it needs.

It is her dream to start singing again and give vocal coaching, start a practise as a psychosomatic therapist and help lyme patients in their healing s. Therefore she recently started studying orthomolecular medicine and she hopes that this can be the beginning of a new future.


Dr. Kenny L. De Meirleir is a retired Full Professor at the Free University of Brussels, the Director of Himmunitas Foundation, and the Medical Director of the Whittemore Peterson Institute, University of Nevada, USA

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