How I Overcame CFS, Fibromyalgia and Neurological Lyme Disease

Though it was a ten year healing journey in totality, I overcame a bedridden status of 3 years, and loss of everything I held dear; including my marriage and family, home and income, career and well-being, to heal 100% from advanced neurological Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. This is a true story and one for all struggling with chronic illness to view.

Please see the link here and watch the in depth, intimate and touching interview Dan Neuffer of CFS Unravlled site does with me. This is the stuff of life’s most important callings– your passage to health and happiness.

Katina Makris’ Chronic Lyme Disease & Fibromyalgia Syndrome Recovery

I First fell sick in the summer of 2000. Though living an organic outdoorsy lifestyle with a young family and wonderful husband, I was stricken with a ‘mysterious flu’ that progressed into chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and wicked almost daily migraines. No one knew how to help me. MS, anxiety attacks and more were batted about as my disorders.

I bounced in and out of prominent New England hospitals and doctor’s offices for 5 years- dissipating more each year. The CFS was crippling and my spirit broke. AND, a brilliant clinical nutritionist, PhD, ended up being the beacon in my shallow chamber of shadowed light, whom would finally properly diagnose and treat me–helping me heal fully and now travel the world with my book “OUT OF THE WOODS, HEALING LYME DISEASE, BODY, MIND & SPIRIT ” and broadcast my radio program LYME LIGHT RADIO on and the famed TheDrPatShow syndicate.

I share this interview with all of you because I am impassioned to bring hope to those in need and information to those whom are confused. My heart is in this for all of those whom are struggling. Please do not ever give up and KNOW there is a way out of your misery. The power of your mind and the belief in your heart can work miracles. We are entwined in this journey of living. Whether it be this story of mine, the breath of a newborn in your arms or the touch of the moonlight on the silvery waters, please know there is hope for your healing.

Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH speaker, author, radio host, healer
Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH
speaker, author, radio host, healer

Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH

5 thoughts on “How I Overcame CFS, Fibromyalgia and Neurological Lyme Disease

  1. Katina, I so appreciate all the positive things I read about healing. My battle continues, but I no longer have the financial resources to reach out for alternative medicine helps. I have a Rife machine, which I believe helps me to keep my symptoms at bay, but in the last year and a half that I have had the Rife machine, I cannot get myself to a point of being symptom free. I am understanding more and more that the Rife machine cannot kill organisms that are in the muscle, organs, etc. I cannot afford any more therapies that are not covered by insurance. I lean very, very heavily on the power of prayer. I am basically living ‘from the inside out’, in the sense that my relationship with God is stronger with each new day, and gives me hope, strength and purpose. I don’t want, in any way, to be Miss Debbie Downer….but, I do want to be a voice for those of us that are not seeing improvement, and we are just trying to get out of bed and do a few normal things to make us feel like we are still alive. I cannot go anywhere without a wheelchair or walker. Anyone that would see all that I do, would be amazed, if they could visibly see how little energy I do have on a visible thermometer, and yet I push myself. I have no pain. I just have so little energy, and now my muscles are beginning to show signs of deterioration, despite how hard I work to keep my muscle tone. I understand the concept that our body is able to heal, and how God made it to heal itself. There is something about trying to do this without medicines/antibiotics/etc. – if mind over matter could do the trick, I would be healed a long time ago. I can’t tell you how hard I have worked at thinking positive and believing, trusting, hoping, not giving up and all the mental exercises that one can do through meditation, prayer, and so much more. It is not that I can’t be overjoyed for those that keep posting that ‘we just need to believe’ or ‘keep believing that there is a way out of your misery’. I am so excited that you have found your way to healing. I truly am! I pray that those that are able to get better will, as you are, continue to fight for those of us that cannot afford the therapies that have helped you all to get your life back. May God help us that are still in this, to see the day that our medical system will see these pathogens for what they are, and find testing/treatment to help us, and be covered by insurance.

    1. Wow…addressing that response letter….those are moving words and pretty much accurately describe my situation as well. I hit a plateau and cannot seem to come up to higher functioning. Running out of money plays into it too — as one cannot keep trying things that are just financially out of reach. I feel Lyme patients have been treated at least as badly as those of Tuskeegee! We so desperately need government-supported treatment centers in major cities. The numbers of afflicted are unacceptably high.

      I so appreciate your fighting spirit and leadership in Lyme education, Katina! Thank you for all you do.

    2. Accupuncture is being covered more and more commonly by insurance companies, even Medicare from what I have heard, as long as you can get an Rx for it from an MD.

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