When Lyme is Misdiagnosed as MS

This week on Lyme Light Radio, I am proud to welcome Christine Moore. For over a decade, Christine lived with undiagnosed Lyme disease and co-infections, which her doctors believed was MS. The MS treatments had no effect, and it was only after she received a proper diagnosis from a Lyme-literate physician that she was able to recover her health.
You can hear Christine’s amazing story of recovery this Wednesday, December 17 at 4PM Eastern Time at http://www.transformationtalkradio.com or WBLQ 1230 in Southern New England.
This is a critical topic and very frank example of what has sadly been happening for too many decades to too many individuals globally, as MS rates are soaring alongside the massive spread of tick borne disease infections! I URGE you to share this advance program notice with as many folks as you can, Christine is a tremendous advocate for proper Lyme disease diagnosis and treatments. Thank you Christine R. Moore for joining me,
Katina Makris CCH CIH
IMG_0842Christine Moore has been a Chronic Lyme Disease Sufferer for over 20 years. She was mis-diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1996, after the birth of her first child. Her case seemed classic:
* 30 year old female
* stressor was childbirth
* presenting symptoms were numbness coupled with visual disturbances.
The results of her neurological tests led to a conclusive diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis…..or did they?
Christine comes from an automotive marketing background having worked for Saturn Corporation and Tesla Motors. The Tesla assignment was very short lived due to an extreme episode of confusion, hypomania, panic attacks and complete insomnia. This led to her resignation from her “dream job.”
Christine continued followed the MS treatment course recommended by her neurologist who practiced mainstream medicine. After taking high dose IV steroids (for the second time) and beginning the taper down process, she collapsed and spent the next 2 years bedridden.
Christine was ultimately diagnosed properly with Chronic Lyme Disease and Co-infections in 2009. Her Lyme Literate Medical Doctor was able to get her well through the use of an integrative approach addressing pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals/supplements and dietary changes.
Christine resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband, two children and family dog.


9 thoughts on “When Lyme is Misdiagnosed as MS

  1. Katina, I’m interested in this and I just listened to your interview with Gary Blier of advanced cell training the other night. I am doing it advanced training myself right now for line and coinfections. Gary believes that MS is also caused by a pathogen. So this is all very interesting… I believe it is very important for people with a diagnosis of MS to pursue alternative treatments, even if they don’t think they have Lyme.

    1. yes– bartonella, a tick borne parasite is linked to MS along with borrelia, as per Dr Alan MacDonald’s studies….good luck, K

  2. Very moving. I had a friend with classic “relapsing remitting” MS who went to see Jemsek. She did not do much of his protocol, few antibiotics. Later she saw Neil Nathan and did some herbals. She did do tons of homeopathy and yoga and vision questing. She is almost 100% despite many significant stressors. She didn’t do any MS treatments however. So???….Jemsek’s wife had cancer and his child too some years ago. What happened with all that?

    1. Hi Teresa.
      MS and Lyme are constantly misdiagnosed. MS has lesions in neck and thoracic spine beside brain. Lyme only in the brain.
      Read a book by Dr Richard Horowitz “Why cant I get better?” for more insight or visit webiste

  3. Mold can as well cause the same symptoms as Lyme & MS. Dr Shoemaker is the best regarding this also MOLD combined with Lyme. My LLMD told us about him as he went to school etc with Dr Richard. Both the best at what they do and also have great books and treatments that work.

    1. The first thing they told me and my daughter after getting Lyme was Fibro and later tried telling me I had MS but refused to confirm my positive Lyme results so I knew they didn’t have it right thankfully and would not take those medications.

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