Lyme Disease Author and Radio Host Speaks in Concord NH

Though the snows still blanket the land, the air is warming and the sun soothing to a softer hue. How happily we New Englanders welcome the thaw of early spring, the sap running in the maples and the sweet smoke of sugaring shacks at work! We also now perk up the antennae to tick season around the bend.

The tiny insects, in the spider family actually, harbor the atrocious bacterial infection of Lyme disease and other illness inducing organisms. What is tricky too is that the baby tick nymphs hatching out now in late March and April are very tiny and translucent. Their outer shell is still forming yet they can carry the diseases. We must all be alert as we rake out flower beds, clean up wood piles and winter blow-downs, and our pets and live stock take to the fields, woods and yards.

Katina I. Makris,renowned Homeopath and educator,who specializes in Lyme disease, welcomes all to the Concord Library at 45 Green St, Concord, NH Monday March 23, 7pm. She covers a great deal of information as well as introduces her award winning Lyme recovery memoir and healing guide OUT OF THE WOODS, HEALING LYME DISEASE, BODY, MIND & SPIRIT, released by Helios Press, in a new second edition.

Speaker One 2015- Skyhorse- Concord

With tick season in motion, come join us for a great evening, as Katina heads out on her nationwide book tour, and as Keynote Speaker at the famed series– fundraising and Lyme awareness at big city venues, that bring healing, help and music together for the good of an exploding public health crisis.

Call 603-225-8670

2 thoughts on “Lyme Disease Author and Radio Host Speaks in Concord NH

  1. I read your story on recovery from lyme. I to have been misdiagnosed after being to many doctors. I am at the point of almost needing a wheelchair. Getting out of bed is a daily challenge. I only go to work and struggle through each day in so much pain. Your story inspires me that I can be healed. Please keep up the awareness fight as so many are struggling with this horrible disease. So many lives ripped needlessly apart and missing so much of what life have to offer. Someday soon I hope and pray I will be fully recovered. I am into my 6th year with the last 3 years being the worst. Thanks for the inspiration and please keep working to raise awareness. I hope help others too as I see this as the worst epidemic of our time.

    1. Thank yoy Cindy– I am so sorry you too are incapacitated like I was. so awful. My new book could be a breakthrough for your healing– readers are taking it to their practitioners and saying “can we do this protocol on me’.
      Please read “Autoimmune Illness & Lyme disease Recovery Guide”- it just went into german translations too– very helpful, kindly Katina

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