Ticked Off Music Fest Brings Lyme Disease to an Iconic Venue and the Mainstream- House of Blues, LA

Lyme disease is a misunderstood illness. Millions are suffering world wide with an infection that went ‘under the radar’ for the past 40 years and has wreaked serious damage and deaths in too many awful instances.

Initially thought to be a short term limited infectious illness, by the CDC and IDSA, back in the 1970s and 1980s, with approximately 2 weeks of bodily flu-like pains, headache, fatigue and a frank red ‘bulls eye’ rash, we have learned the HARD way through several generations of suffering and brilliant clinical doctors, that his spirochete organism augers its way from bloodstream into the bodily tissues, joints, organs, glands and spinal fluid and brain- like its similar cousin, syphilis!

The blood tests relied upon were designed originally for epidemilogical screening, but became the prime tool doctors turned to when a suspect patient arrived in their office with flu feelings and odd other complaints. That ELISA antibody test so regularly used, has a 70% false negative result– only accurate in a small window of approx 2-6 weeks of an early infection. Many of us are tested earlier or later and show a false negative. IF the Western Blot test gets used, those that test positive ARE infected with Lyme (and maybe more tick borne infections?) but docs look to VERY dated CDC criterion that insist you must show 5 bands out of several dozen for confirmation of infection. This is NOT GOOD!!! One band alone can confirm a pos Lyme infection according to the Lyme disease experts of the world.

MILLIONS of cases are being missed and then end up often doctor-hopping, eventually ‘morphing’ into autoimmune illnesses when the infection has gone from a blood illness to a tissue disease !! The CFS, MS, RA, Fibro and more could have STRONG cross-over influences from Lyme disease organisms!! Which means you and actually heal and not be medication dependent forever. Not bedridden anymore!

Modern medicine, the government, all the outdoor organizations (boy/girl scouts, camps of America, hunters, loggers, farmers, hikers, campers, gardening clubs< etc) every single doctor and citizen needs to be educated on ticks, Lyme signs and symptoms, prevention, proper diagnostics and treatments with Integrative Medicine!!

Of dire importance is that we raise awareness and funds for research.

The TICKED OFF MUSIC FEST series is a stunning, fun, informative, healing and totally dynamic movement that unites all these ingredients. I LOVE BEING PART OF TOMF!! Every event I have participated in is so fulfilling, rich with talent and heart, lifted up with great world class music and inspiration and brings cutting edge speakers to the big stage. It is a feel good day with great philanthropic energy.

House of Blues LA is famous and an important for the Lyme movement.


The way AIDS needed Hollywood celebrity to make it REAL and not just a ‘gay mans’ disease, our HOUSE OF BLUES LA event puts Lyme disease in the spotlight it deserves. Too many people- the average you, the famous movie stars, the ex-president George W. Bush, your child, me, a neighbor have all been afflicted. Some of us heal fully, others suffer for ages. Let us stop the suffering!!

Let us get the money to fund the researchers, to support patients whom have gone bankrupt from treatments, to help Mara Williams build a residential treatment center Inanna House, to assist the LymeLightFoundation aid childrens medical bills and LymeDisease.org keep their grassroots support group network alive.

We still need donations to make TICKED OFF LA a success. We need your help, even a $10 donation at the IndiGoGo to foot the expenses for this world class VENUE- we need the ‘limelight’ to shine our lymelight–
Ticked Off LA is going to be a game changer in the Lyme story— come one board with us now!


Tickets are affordable for 8 hours of education and rocking music
all performing

plus speaking

I want to spend the night with you in LA– come join is at HOUSE OF BLUES, SUNSET STRIP, W. HOLLYWOOD
and chip in to the IndieGogo.
Vist http://www.TickedOffMusicFest.com

One droplet of rain doesnt feel like much, a million droplets generates a flood!
See you in LA!!!! 🙂

Katina I.Makris, CCH, CIH
author, radio host, inspirational speaker, Lyme educator, healer

4 thoughts on “Ticked Off Music Fest Brings Lyme Disease to an Iconic Venue and the Mainstream- House of Blues, LA

  1. Katina, I have had Lyme’s, undetected, for over 25 years and because of 2 cancer treatments my immune system went to hell, and one day around the first of November I got out of bed and could barely put one foot in front of the other and was gasping for air. You know the rest. I have been on only 100mg of doxycycline twice a day and Colloidal Silver, Tincture of iodine and Biocidin. However, I have been using an Alpha-Stim for my chronic insomnia of 25 years. Now I know that that was the only symptom until Nobember. Believe me, I was really sick this winter with Lyme’s as diagnosed by 2 different LLD’s, however, I still believed that the Alpha-Stim would work on the insomnia. about 3 weeks ago I cranked it up full tilt boogie for 4 hours a day and ALL of my Lyme’s systems are completely gone. Electricity kills bacteria! All over the Internet. I have an in to Bill Gates, and if I do it properly I think that we can get his attention. The Alpha-Stim has cured me of Lyme’s!!!!!!!!!!! Hope someone reads this.

    1. Hi Lee

      Fantastic about alpha-stim!!!!
      I used rife and it did the trick too!!
      Another energy vibration healing tool
      Get to Bill Gates
      Blessing to you ❤️ Cheering you on!

  2. Hi Katina,

    I wanted to share your contact info with my friend Lee, a fellow lymie, as she has a great contact in the health care world and wants to make a plea to this person on behalf of the Lyme community. I thought some of the language you used below in your post might be useful to her in imagining how she might frame the current challengesin the lyme community to this person.

    Lee, I will let you take it from here with Katina. Please just “reply to all” in your email browser, and I think this email should get to her.

    Thanks and healing to all,


    Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 21:49:53 +0000 To: carikerc@hotmail.com

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