Pure Encapsulations: The Science Behind the Supplements with Barry W. Ritz, PhD.

When I was completely destroyed by Lyme disease, bedridden for three years and multiple organs, glands and bodily systems damaged, I felt I would be left living life from inside my home and on the sidelines. Many people with chronic diseases need to nourish the depleted bodily systems, as well as repair damages. Nutritional supplements and herbals are absolutely essential tools in this healing path. I am now proud to be 100% recovered from autoimmune syndromes and advanced neurological Lyme disease. One of the KEY COMPONENTS in my recovery was the use of the beautiful products PURE ENCAPSULATIONS make. They helped me reclaim my health and overcome so many symptoms.

I swear their Mitochondria ATP cured the CFS in 2 weeks and without their CoQ10, DHEA, quercitin and more I do not know if I would be as vital as I am now!! Considered the ‘Clinique” of the supplement spectrum, PURE contain no additives, fillers, dyes or fancy branding. They are clean, simple, pure and the highest grade supplements I favor. My office shelves and home cupboard are stocked!! I am a walking example of how these high grade nutritive supplements can change lives.

This week on “Lyme Light Radio”, I welcome Barry Ritz, PhD, of PURE ENCAPSULATIONS.  Dr. Ritz oversees the science and regulatory functions for a large international dietary supplement company.  He will discuss how companies develop and manufacture new products—under strict good manufacturing practices—the regulatory environment for dietary supplements and the importance of clinical studies.

Tune in this Wednesday, April 29 at 4PM ET/1PM PT on WBLQ AM 1270 or at http://www.transformationtalkradio.com for this chance to look under the hood at how nutrition scientists develop the products we all rely on!

Katina Makris, CCH, CIH


Barry-Ritz_croppedBarry W. Ritz, Ph.D., is the V.P. of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at Atrium Innovations, Inc. Dr. Ritz is a member of the American Society for Nutritional Sciences and chairs the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s Medical Affairs Subcommittee. A former professor at Drexel University, Dr. Ritz is an expert in nutritional immunology and has numerous publications in scientific journals.

9 thoughts on “Pure Encapsulations: The Science Behind the Supplements with Barry W. Ritz, PhD.

    1. Lets find out on air wednesday!!!

      Pure encapsulation does not treat diseases specifically but helps practitioners use supplements to support your systems so they work better and then symptoms and illnesses clear up. That is the whole premise with nutritional based healing.

      1. I don’t mean to sound too critical but I though more background info would be know about these supplements before they are aired.
        In my 25 years of battling CFS supplements have only been marginally beneficial and then only temporary.
        I do understand that not everybody has the same results so I do hope that it’s beneficial to those whom use them.

  1. Hi Matt— so many many factors contribute to CFS– the retroviruses like Epstein Barr and cytomelglia, as well as c. pneumonia, and collapsed adrenal glands, plus like in my case -ineffective mitochondria function. Heavy metals, mold toxicities, and thyroid and more issues all often dovetail.

    This show isnt about curing CFS, but an opportunity for a leading expert on nutriceuticals to give us insight into how they are designed, manufactured and employed for use. We will learn a great deal from such a talented individual. Hope you tune in.

    I will look to host a CFS devoted show in the future for more in depth know-how from a world class expert on the topic.


    1. Hello Katina – You hit upon many of the contributors of CFS that are suspect in most cases of CFS. Mine in particular was EBV as a main suspect. It’s interesting that even to this day it never seems to have gone away completely.

      I do envy you knowing that you have made a remarkable recovery with the Lyme Disease. Better than winning the lottery I think 🙂

      Looking forward to see you host a show on CFS.

      All the best Katina.

      Matt Matherne

      1. Hi Matt

        The EBV had me sidelined for nearly a decade and there is a beautiful product that has put it in remission for me.

        Feel free to set up a mini phone conversation consultation with me if you like- I am a healthcare practitioner a classical homeopath but this product may turn your life around, As it did mine.

        Office contact is Healing@KatinaMakris.com

        Sorry I can’t offer personal healthcare advise on a blog it’s not professional:(

        Sending you my very best Katina

        Sent from my iPhone


      2. Hello Katina,

        I’d like that very much to set up a mini phone conversation consolation with you but my gut feeling is I might become addicted. 🙂 I sure would incur some rather steep consolation fees. Yep my Achilles’ heel is having conversation with someone who has a pretty smile to match their intelligence.

        I think it’s very prudent on your part that you don’t off personal healthcare advice on a blog.

        I’m passing your site to others whom I feel would benefit from your experience and info.

        Be well.

        Matt Matherne

  2. Thank you for sharing my article and site with others in need Matt.

    I understand how debilitating these conditions are and want others to have the support and help.


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