Prayer of Protection

I feel the suffering of the maimed people affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. So much shock and betrayal2013-01-05 16.36.11 has ricocheted through our culture on a springtime day. Boston, a normally safe and cultured city suffered a vicious wound on April 16 and many of us too, feel the effects.

Lyme disease patients in particular have very sensitive nervous system’s and taxed adrenal glands, making them very vulnerable to stress, upset, emotional surges. The adrenalin and stress hormones we make under upsetting news and situations can affect our health and well-being. Self care and protection is a must. The upset of the Boston masacre is of course going to resonate in many hearts and bodies.

I offer this prayer of protection, to all the individuals and families who were directly affected and hurt by the bombs and to all of ‘us’ who are energetically empathic.

May I be protected and guided today and always.
May no harm come to me or my loved ones.
May the souls and bodies wounded by the Boston bombing, heal fully.
May our hearts be freed of pain and sorrow.
May love shine upon and within me now and forever.

In gratitude, Katina Makris, CCH, CIH

Is Lyme Disease Sweeping the World the way AIDS has?

Many people have concerns over how Lyme disease has been deftly downplayed as a limited short term infectious illness for 4 decades now, yet droves have been treacherously ill from misdiagnosed or mismanaged cases. Current studies are illuminating female lyme ‘carriers’ are transmitting the bacteria to the fetus creating stillbirth, autism, learning disabilities, OCD. Research in the 1980’s, by Dr. Alan MacDonald, clearly pinpointed 70% of Alzheimer victims test positive for the Lyme bacteria, yet the USA government would not fund well documented continued research in this vein.

Much mystery, confusion, medical infighting and now a frank uprising by sick people and their families surrounds Lyme disease and the epidemic status it has attained. It is time for the ‘code’ to be cracked on just what this stealthy bacteria- borrelia burgdorferi and its co-infections, is all about, and let’s find an end to the suffering, the faulty diagnostic testing and the inconsistent recovery treatments! We have the medical geniuses and technologies available for other illnesses, let us just point our laser science minds onto Lyme disease, found in 89 countries of the world.

Please read and share my provocative article here, “Is Lyme Disease the New HIV?” hosted by a new and promising international Lyme community driven website: ¬†Thank you Peter Strang in Australia for bringing me ‘onboard’. Great work can be achieved when many hands unite.

Kind regards,


Find Out if Your Auto Immune Disorder Could be Misdiagnosed Lyme Disease

Auto immune disorders have significantly risen in frequency over the past three decades. Some speculate that diagnosis for lupus, fibromyalgia, ME, CFS, rheumatoid arthritis, MS and more has improved versus that of  generations in the past. Yet, others sense something else entirely could be at play here- Lyme disease, the stealthy infectious illness transmitted by ticks.

Please read this article I wrote for a wonderful website, which offers support and guidance for those struggling with chronic illness. is hosted by Katherine T. Owens, a remarkable woman who has overcome being bedridden to ME for 14 years!

I am honored to open a window into unraveling a piece of the confusion and fury related to the discomforts, depression, exhaustion, and life catastrophe of auto immune diseases which could be linked to Lyme disease. More detailed current testing is discovering the lyme disease organisms present in many more cases of CFS, alzheimers, MS, etc than ever perceived before. In the long run this could be a very good thing! Lyme disease organisms could potentially be the ‘lock and key’ item to many of the debilitating degenerative, auto immune diseases of our time. In turn, we could find ‘cures’ as the Lyme bacteria can be treated. Ultimately, annual testing for Lyme disease organisms could be part of our annual physicals, hence nipping an auto immune illness before it has a chance to bloom!

I would like to think we could be at a turning point in the next 5 years, enabling the medical healing arts and sciences to find an end to too many decades of suffering!

Thank you Katherine for giving me and OUT OF THE WOODS, HEALING LYME DISEASE, BODY, MIND & SPIRIT, a special spot on your site!