Scholarship Aid for Lyme and Autoimmune Diseases Workshop – Integrative Medicine at its finest with renowned Dr.Jodie Dashore and Katina Makris

The beautiful Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, NC welcomes award winning Lyme disease and autoimmune illness author and homeopath, Katina Makris, and internationally honored neurologist and autism, Lyme and autoimmune expert physician, Dr. Jodie Dashore, for a 5 day healing and teaching weekend, May 10-14, 2017.

aol-medical-flier-pdf-1This is a very special opportunity to learn how to diagnose, treat and recover from these often deeply limiting health concerns of our modern age. Your body and mind are far more resilient than you may fathom. As we branch beyond the traditional medical model of a pill or procedure to quell symptoms, we will explore all the restorative modalities and underlying issues that set a person up to develop these conditions. Both teachers share thousands of clinical hours in helping restore quality of life and remission for many, as well as their own personal full recovery stories.

Exciting news arises in that SCHOLARSHIP aid for the retreat has become available from 3 brilliant sponsors ! Our thank yous to DNA Connections Labs, Pure Air Doctor and Microbiology Labs for helping support attendance for those with financial need.

This means you can apply for assistance for partial and a few full scholarships to come experience Integrative Medicine at its finest, in the beautifully serene and healing Art of Living Center. Please contact Dr. Dashore’s office for applications at: – fill out the contact information there and note “scholarship for Art of Living” in the subject line.

We also welcome health care professionals as attendees, as the South needs massive education on how to recognize the exploding Lyme disease crisis in terms of it’s stealth symptom picture, the poor diagnostics of a 40 year old outdated test most physicians assume is valid (70% false negative results) and how to actually treat and heal these conditions, that long term tick borne infections create. Millions of tick borne infectious illnesses have been misdiagnosed as many autoimmune diseases, learning disabilities and autism spectrum, PANS, dementia and hormonal imbalances for decades.

See our schedule for the weekend here:

AOLRC Teaching Schedule 5:10-14:17

This is a very special opportunity to learn mind-body-spirit pathway inner healing too, in a supportive, nurturing environment.

Please join us!! Your lives will be changed for the better!

Special guest speakers too:

Dane Boggs, rife technology

Dane Johnson, Clinical Nutritionist

Many well wishes

Katina and Jodie

Integrative and Functional Medicine with Dr. Sunjya K. Schweig

This week on Lyme Light Radio I am proud to welcome holistic MD Sunjya K. Schweig. Dr. Schweig and his colleague Chris Kresser, LAc. are the co-founders of a new project, the California Center for Functional Medicine (CCFM). He will share the ways in which environment, lifestyle, and genetics can all interact to contribute to a person’s health or illness. You can tune in to my interview with Dr. Schweig this Wednesday, March 3 at 4PM ET/1PM PT at or WBLQ AM 1230 in Rhode Island.

Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH

IMG_9912-450x300Sunjya K. Schweig, MD is an expert in complex chronic illnesses which require rigorous investigation and management. Dr. Schweig utilizes cutting edge diagnostic and treatment modalities that respect the complex interconnectedness of the body and the environment.

Massachusetts and Lyme Disease: State of Affairs Update

This week’s Lyme Light Radio broadcast is a chock-filled show. Massachusetts has long been in the ‘hot seat’ regarding all matters related to Lyme disease. Though riddled at pandemic proportions – Cape Cod, The Vineyard, Nantucket, Dover and more showing up to 90% of ticks infected, people being constantly misdiagnosed, many under treated and lost in the insurance company shuffle. Sadly, physicians have been legally limited to only 60 day allotments of antibiotic use, with often tragically ill patients. 

But, the tides are turning, due to the mighty work of potent Lyme activists like Trish McCleary of S.L.A.M., Dr. Enid Haller and Dr. Roni DeLuz creating resource Lyme centers, healing retreats and devoted hot-line support from Janet Dooley.

These impassioned, talented women ALL join us on Wednesday 9/18 4PM ET, 1PM PT to update us on the state of affairs in Massachusetts. Is there hope for America, if we follow their lead?

Listen live on 1230 AM WBLQ southern New England and streaming live on, and

Put Katina Makris in the search window – click on the show. We will archive a podcast 24 hours later! 

This is a dynamic venue. Don’t miss us and call in with questions during airtime at 1-800-930-2819.

Katina Makris


here is the podcast:

Music Festival for Lyme Disease

World Cafe at the Queen Theater, WIlmington, DE, June 15 was the place to be! The Ticked-Off Music Festival, organized by Gregg Kirk of The Zen Engines band and NYC producer, brought together talent, mission and fundraising all to benefit Lyme Disease.

Proceeds from th19904_669342936425933_814837840_nis fun and inspirational event are going to the Tick Borne Disease Alliance and the future in-house Lyme disease patient care facility, Innana House.

We were a great group of folks, all aligned to the growing consciousness that Lyme disease is no longer just a mild short term infectious illness the CDC and Infectious Disease Society categorized it as in 1975. Instead, because most of us at the festival have learned the hard, ugly way, by personal experience, Lyme disease and its associated microbial co-infections, can be a long term, auto-immune style and neurological illness with life altering repercussions. Lyme can even be deadly!

I was honored to be the inspirational speaker giving voice to true recovery via the use of holistic medicine for chronic cases of Lyme disease, It’s widely proven that a new, acute case of Lyme disease is best cured with prompt and ample antibiotic treatment.

The ‘missed’ cases, not treated or diagnosed early enough present a huge array of symptoms and conditions, perplexing patients and doctors throughout the country, and world! This inaugural Ticked Off Music Festival aims to promote better education and awareness for this swiftly moving infectious illness, now having surpassed HIV in the USA!

A special thank you to Gregg Kirk, Craig and Jennifer Vanderslice, Tina Nugent and Bobbi Brown for helping me be part of the great evening at the World Cafe at the Queen! You all are heart centered, talented people and I was privileged to bring a ray of hope and a plea for Lyme disease assistance to the world.

I look forward to many more successful Lyme disease fundraising events. We need the research to crack the code on this shape shifting bacteria!