Lyme Disease Author Speaks at Rhode Island Flower Show

February 23 and 24, 2013 Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH, author of OUT OF THE WOODS, HEALING LYME DISEASE, BODY, MIND & SPIRIT, is appearing at the Rhode Island Flower Show, Providence Convention Center, 2 Sabine St., Providence, RI, USA.

Saturday, 2/23, 11am and 3pm she will be doing book signings on the 5th floor at The Bookstore. This is a superb chance to come meet and visit with acclaimed healer, Lyme survivor, author and educator, and purchase a book as well.

Sunday, 2/24, 1:30pm, Katina will speak about Lyme disease, the epidemic of our time at The Flower Show. See the program guide on arrival for that location.

30,000 people attend this weekend event. With Lyme disease and OUT OF THE WOODS being featured, this large spectrum venue brings this long misunderstood infectious illness into a position of more awareness. The USA suffers 300,000 new infections annually, with a mere 10% only properly diagnosed and treated, due to doctor mis-information and public lack of awareness of signs and symptoms as well as proper lab testing. The rest are mishandled as assorted auto-immune disorders often.

Katina will discuss diagnosis, prevention, treatments for acute and chronic forms of Lyme. She is a graduate of Duke University, The Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing, is a certified Classical Homeopath of 28years and winner of several awards with OUT OF THE WOODS. Katina speaks extensively nationally on Lyme disease awareness and recovery tools. She contributes 5% of her author sales profits to Lyme disease research.

Spirit Calling~~ Why We Fall Prey to Illness & How to Heal

Life is a ferris wheel of ups and downs, circling around in everlasting cycles. The seasons remind us of the changes, yet often we human beings do not honor the wisdom of nature and instead PUSH through the time honored ups and downs, ins and outs, forcing ourselves to keep moving, doing and achieving.

I know this pattern of defying natural rhythms, I too pushed too far. The result was a very long bout of chronic Lyme disease, as many of you know, shared in my book “Out of the Woods”. Though Lyme removed me from the outer world and all I loved, it also showed me many miracles. In fact, my 10 year healing journey was nothing short of profound!

Please read below, an article of mine, the online newspaper “Essential Wellness” has published, regarding why we fall prey to illness. I offer these insights to you in compassionate understanding for our collective journey to wellness. Thank you Essential Wellness On-line!

Thank you Essential Wellness!!