A View From the Vineyard

Sunday August 18 registers to me as a synergistic moment in my life. The experience I was fortunate to be part of this weekend in unison with Lyme disease key players was remarkable. I am cogniscent of higher powers at play. From the casual inquiry email I sent in April to the Martha’s Vineyard Support Group to the stupendously powerful culmination on Sunday is more than kismet. It was ‘ordained’.

As you know I speak around the USA with “Out of the Woods” as a Lyme disease healer and guide, enabling awareness and support to spread. My work is filled with intention and fueled by passion. Martha’s Vineyard is one of the worst ransacked Lyme regions around. Synchronicity allowed me to select August 18 as a day to come speak on the Island, the support group leader emailed back- :”Katina your intuition is so strong, I double checked the calendar and that is the same day the Tick Borne Disease Alliance is here with their Bite Back for the Cure bikathon kick off! I will see if we can partner with them.

And we did. Thank you to TBDA David Roth, Jodi Nass, John Donnally, and Dr Roni DeLuz, Dr. Enid Haller, Sam Hiser of Martha’s Vineyard Lyme Center. You pulled off a masterful confluence. As fate would allow, the esteemed Lyme physician and researcher, Dr John Aucott joined us with a presentation on his cytokine genetic research, narrowing in on why some get so tragically ill with borrelia and others skim along. My talk at the Chilmark church was videoed professionally— we will get it on YouTube— one woman came up to me at the end and said something very profound to me;

“Katina, that was breathtaking

Jodi Nass, John Aucott, David Roth, John Donally, Katina Makris, Nancy Dougherty, Enid Haller, Sam Hiser
Jodi Nass, John Aucott, David Roth, John Donally, Katina Makris, Nancy Dougherty, Enid Haller, Sam Hiser
Every heart in this room was touched and your work is clearly not about you, but meant for mankind”.

Thank you Cynthia— I am moved to hear such sincerity. I am honored to be a messenger and healer.

By nightfall we had showered and changed to dinner attire. Dr Pat Baccill my Lyme Light Radio network owner and award winning host was taping interviews like a dervish, to air on her 300 station syndicate- 10,000,000 listeners . I taped my 8/21 show on site too. Dr John Aucott and TBDA sponsored cyclist John Donally will be heard this week on WBLQ.net. It was exciting to be there in the midst of a chock filled, powerhouse player event and be taping for Lyme Light Radio—-how far have I arisen from bedridden status?? Life is filled with opportunity and we are resilient creatures– please remember that!!

The evening was beautiful– fabulous gluten free food, great caters, a charming shingled Grange Hall, spiritual choir singing, Lyme disease empathic people, talented communicators, a new Lyme video and a feeling palpable to all that we were threaded ensemble for a reason. A powerful radio network, an esteemed research scientist, an award winning Lyme author, the nation’s largest Lyme disease fundraising group TBDA, a visible vehicle in bika-thon cross country talent, newspaper reporters and caring folks positioned in one place at one time are not random. We we brought together under a soft summer night sky to influence the future. And we will.

WE all left exhausted and cemented. Returning to our ‘normal’ habitats and work with collaborative intention to push even further and harder to ammend the Lyme disease atrocity. Thank you one and all for sharing my healing book “Out of the Woods”, for allowing my voice to now broadcast on the air waves and for the miracle of life— good things can happen, even amidst the harrowing storms.


ps. read this tangential wake of it all too:

I am staying with my hosts in their darling cottage. cozy. it is situated on a country roadside.

today I am supposed to be resting, meditating, doing a bit of work for radio show this wednesday and regrouping for Block Island after a blitz of work in 48 hrs.

But, in the wake of yesterdays Lyme talk I gave and the big dinner event last night, I have had 3 complete strangers knocking on my door for advice on their Lyme heath! The place is riddled with INFECTED people with scant resource!!

I am backyard consulting on the spot– crazy and sad to witness how Lyme is so rampant and WHERE IS the medical help the country needs?

Let us shift the tides soon!!


Prayer of Protection

I feel the suffering of the maimed people affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. So much shock and betrayal2013-01-05 16.36.11 has ricocheted through our culture on a springtime day. Boston, a normally safe and cultured city suffered a vicious wound on April 16 and many of us too, feel the effects.

Lyme disease patients in particular have very sensitive nervous system’s and taxed adrenal glands, making them very vulnerable to stress, upset, emotional surges. The adrenalin and stress hormones we make under upsetting news and situations can affect our health and well-being. Self care and protection is a must. The upset of the Boston masacre is of course going to resonate in many hearts and bodies.

I offer this prayer of protection, to all the individuals and families who were directly affected and hurt by the bombs and to all of ‘us’ who are energetically empathic.

May I be protected and guided today and always.
May no harm come to me or my loved ones.
May the souls and bodies wounded by the Boston bombing, heal fully.
May our hearts be freed of pain and sorrow.
May love shine upon and within me now and forever.

In gratitude, Katina Makris, CCH, CIH