Overcome Autoimmune Illness & Lyme Disease: a survivor and practitioner’s advice

With my newest book available in paperback, kindle and nook, I wanted to give you a glimpse into why I felt it was so critical to give the public my knowledge on how to recover from Autoimmune Illnesses and Lyme disease, now crippling to USA to the tune of 50 million people and around the globe at 250 million. Mending is feasible, and dependency on pharmaceuticals need not be for a lifetime. I beat the odds to mend 100% and I believe many others can too, when they reclaim their personal power.

Here is the INTRODUCTION from  –“Autoimmune Illness & Lyme Disease Recovery Guide, Mending Body, Mind & Spirit” for you to delve into. This is a VERY worthy book of self help tools and extra healthcare resources. 

“Chronic health care problems have begun to surface at an alarming rate in recent decades. The spectrum of autoimmune illnesses has been in my lens since I first fell seriously ill in the summer of 2000, with what was initially deemed to be a sinus infection, then probable walking pneumonia, and finally labeled as chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic migraine headaches. Five years later, totally bedridden, broken, and newly divorced, I learned that actually I was maimed and struggling with several “hidden” autoimmune cover finalinfections. The primary misdiagnosed culprit was borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. I also hosted Epstein-Barr virus at frighteningly high levels, a parasite called babesia, and a whopping overgrowth of fungi. My lovely home in the New Hampshire countryside was mold infested and my immune system was spinning out of control with raging inflammation and multiple allergies, plus all sorts of depletions. With a shiny bright eight-year-old son under my wing, could I ever live to see him grown or be well enough to go to his Little League games?

After endless visits to specialists and renowned hospitals in New England with scant success of recovery, good fortune finally appeared in the able hands of a sterling clinical nutritionist colleague of mine who knew how to handle these runaway infectious “bugs” and, more importantly, how to restore the malfunctions of my failing body. We worked on detoxifying me from all sorts of externally and internally created toxins, rebuilding my fatigued adrenal glands and thyroid, helping my mitochondria create fuel again and balancing out all sorts of neurotransmitters and blood sugar swings. It took me five years of devoted adherence to lifestyle, dietary, and emotional changes, and it worked! I mended 100 percent.

Even as a holistic healthcare practitioner myself, I had to examine my life and what made me fall so ill and vulnerable to these microbes, and to allow myself the time and process to embrace transformation at all planes—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As a homeopath, I thought I was versed in helping others heal. This experience asked me to learn even more.

The great good of this journey is that I have spent the last fifteen years learning about the crossover currents of the exploding public health care crisis of Lyme disease (and other tick borne diseases) and the relationship to autoimmune diseases. Though there is obvious linkage between them all, science has not yet pieced together the entire jigsaw puzzle. Some brilliant researchers and very talented and courageous practitioners are forging the way. My instincts tell me that when all the “dots” are finally connected, we will fully understand how these assorted microbes can trigger and mimic Lupus and MS and Alzheimer’s and more. Right now though, what I can offer is the invaluable lessons of my own journey, which translates beyond the personal to the multiple millions who walk in the same shoes I did.

Chronic disease in the autoimmune and Lyme disease spectrum presents an individual with multiple challenges. Facing the realization that you are seeking talent and sources outside yourself to find wellness again is daunting and at times extremely frustrating. The endless days of pain, fatigue, solitude, dependency, and confusion seem endless. Many of us experience loss and despair. And yet, we also want to feel hope—hope for bright, happy times and relief from our suffering. Also, hope that someone will know how to cure us!

In these pages I share my understanding of what mending involves. When we fall ill to chronic disease we fracture in a certain way. Things are never quite the same. There is a sense of displacement or that you just do not feel quite right and that you want to correct it all. What I suggest is that something rather grand is being asked of you in this time of disorder. You are being asked to reflect upon you life status—your behaviors and choices and your habits. And then, you are being asked to make some changes in order to mend.

This book provides a toolbox of assorted options to consider. We explore a great deal of what encompasses health and healing and why we get sick. Also, we look at the role of various key factors that create the terrain for autoimmune illness and Lyme disease to blossom. Why do some of us fall ill to these conditions but not others? And, most importantly, how can I mend from the disease and reclaim my well-being and vitality?

The great arc presiding over the entire journey for me, however, has been the enormous breadth and depth of spirituality’s presence. Serious states, like these diseases present, ultimately bring us into concert with energy beyond the simple self. We are entering the domain of personal transformation and what in modern times is akin to a quest—a quest for higher knowledge, for inner strength, and for assistance in the darkest of times. This journey asks for faith and guidance and an unfurling of the powerful connection we innately bear between our mind and our body and our spirit. For we are marvelous and miraculous beings. We just need to learn how to stitch it all together.

I wrote this book for the all too many who feel at odds with themselves while ill or are perhaps are a caregiver of someone in need. We bear enormous internal gifts. However, many of us have not been taught how to “turn on” the healing codes, or we have forgotten. Mending helps us find our inner compass, to recalibrate during a time of lost navigation and to set our sites on a positive outcome. Like any worthy voyage, not every day is a smooth passage. But you can still reach your destination! Optimal health can be attainable even in a stormy crossing. What I present is a fresh look at healing tools to apply. Not all these modalities will work for you, but they are worth examining.

In deepest respect I need to honor my very wise and gifted spiritual teacher and mentor, Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers, who trained me to become an Intuitive Healer and teacher. The metaphysical model I work with in this book is spring-boarded from her thirty-five years of knowledge and experience. The Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing and her model focus on the Seven Energy Chakras and correlating bodily systems and emotional couplings we all house. My own healing work with individuals and groups grew from her model. We will look at autoimmune illnesses, Lyme disease, and how to promote healing. These skills I share worked for me and many others.

My professional healing work with Lyme disease and autoimmune illnesses after thirty years in practice as a Classical Homeopath brings another lens into these conditions. In totality you will discover a multi-dimensional approach to recovery, one that incorporates natural medicine, orthodox pragmatics, and metaphysics. Most specifically we will chart a course together through the pivotal domain of personal transformation. For true healing happens on the inside.


Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH

New Hampshire


Mending: Autoimmune Illnesses & Lyme Disease


Please note that I am trained and certified as a Classical Homeopath (CCH) and Spiritual Healer (CIH). Even though I have worked with individuals in assorted forms of distress and illness, I am not permitted to make a medical diagnosis, perform a physical exam, or administer pharmaceuticals.

My orientation and work has always been to help support and reinforce the person and his or her natural bodily function, and not treat the disease, through the use of homeopathics and spiritual energy healing.

Throughout the pages of this book I refer to particular disease states and syndromes, and additionally I recommend integrative medicine doctors as well as allopathic physicians and naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, clinical nutritionists, homeopaths, and other healers. My message is that many of these chronic illnesses require more than one specific system of approach in order to mend and achieve a more optimal level of health, and ultimately move into remission or even cure.

Please note however, that I do not attempt to treat or cure any of these conditions throughout these pages, but offer you suggestions and guidelines to seek out the properly trained and licensed professionals to work with you individually in your case.

My goal is to help initiate a stronger utilization of an integrated healthcare system in the USA and for people to realize they obtain much more inner healing power than they ever dreamed. The information provided here is for your self help and education.

The author and publisher do not attempt to offer cure for any particular disease.

Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH

Helios Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing

This book is available at all bookstores nationwide, as well as Canada, and on-line at Amazon.com, AmazonUK.com Barnes & Nobles.com and in e-formats there.


I plan to bring you further excerpts from this book in the weeks ahead. I will be out teaching recovery workshops and giving presentations throughout 2016, so I will post that schedule soon, too.

Blessings to all,



Skyhorse Publishing Welcomes Author Katina I. Makris

It is official! Thank you to my hard working literary agent Dede Cummings, the embracing welcome of my new editor Abigail Gehring and the visionary uber-talented Skyhorse publisher, Tony Lyons for signing me to a two book deal with one of the fast growing, contemporary minded publishers in the world today – SkyHorse Publishers, Inc!

We will take “Out of the Woods: Healing Lyme Disease – Body, Mind & Spirit”  into a new release, with an updated ‘Nuts & Bolts’ treatment guide, prevention, epilogue and forward by one of America’s most prominent Lyme disease specialist physicians. It is most exciting as “Out of the Woods” will go into foreign translations, to reach our Lyme weary friends in Europe and Asia.

My followup book “Mending: The Auto-Immune Illness and Lyme Disease Recovery Guide” is a spectacular book conveying the cross over misdiagnosis so many millions of people struggle with. When is Lyme is misunderstood and instead diagnosed as an auto-immune illness the suffering and drug dependency is overwhelming. I choose to help unveil this snarled mess.

What is special about “Mending” is that I share my deep and powerful metaphysical understandings and healing tools for all these illnesses with color illustrations, succinct explanations and proven self-empowering methods (i.e. learning to access willpower, set a healing affirmation, unlock your vision-keeper), alongside specific herbals and homeopathics, “Mending” is a book designed to help a sick individual reclaim their wellness, ignite their inborn self healing tools neglected in modern society and recalibrate to just how much inner resource we have, but need guidance in how to access.

As someone who was scoured by misdiagnosed Lyme, I personally know the suffering and how to resurrect myself from the abyss, when doctors’ have limited resources to offer. “Mending” would have been a life-boat to me, when wrecked, offering viable tools and insights into true healing. How promising these venture are! I aim to help those struggling and, what a whirlwind trip on 12/12/13 Dede Cummings and I shared to visit my new colleagues at Skyhorse in NYC!


We dashed down the highway from Vermont on an icy, windy day, breezing into Manhattan brimming with its endless crowds, traffic and enthralling festive holiday buntings. A native to this area, it felt great to be back in the pulse of momentum, high achieving success, the bantering flirtatiousness of construction workers and the looping speed of the subway maze. Roasting chestnuts wafted the air, triggering my childhood memories of Christmas shopping with my dashing, elegant father.

Skyhorse was abuzz with work. Abigail and I attuned our scheduled deadlines and work ahead. I met with managing editor, Sarah, Publisher Tony Lyons, and a very thorough marketing and sales plan with Sales Manager, Bill Wolfstahl. After much inquiry, I got the ‘good word’ from him, that we will all push hard to make these books best sellers, working on many levels, each of us, to reach the many millions in need. With my ‘multi-plex’ personality, Bill feels we’ve got the ‘right stuff’ to perform well. Wow! A real publicity team to help support all my missionary work and grassroots speaking venues!! This felt great.

Dede and I navigated rush hour subways, the street musicians bringing fantastic energy to the underground! Times Square thronged. Dinner at a charming upper East side Mexican Restaurant.         .

I met my treasured childhood friend, Robin, for tea at the eternally stately Plaza Hotel, a bastion of my childhood memories – tea, post theater drinks, celebration dinners. If felt important to touch my roots, in more way than one. Thank you Robin Langsdorf Photography for capturing my portrait in a place of repose. This one is a keeper.


Some window shopping on Fifth Avenue; Tiffany, Bergdorf’s, Bulgari glittering in opulence, frosted the trip with magic only a NYC pre-Christmas spirit can induce. Salvation Army bells cascading as the hansom cabbies and horses trotted by.

Back on the highway northwards our hearts were soaring, spirits ignited with creativity and my future laid out before me in clarity. I need to buckle down and write with devotion – my deadlines are very tight! But, this is all for the good of creating great works.

I am blessed. I am guided. I am protected. I am grateful. I am honored. I will bring my best work forward to the world. Thank you SkyHorse Publishing for this fabulous opportunity to amend suffering for all too many. May we be graced in our relationships together.

Happy Holidays to all,

Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH