A Nation In Need: Emotional and Spiritual Support Meditation Series

To all of you feeling an array of feelings in the wake of our tumultuous presidential elections, I want to say your emotions are very valid and not surprising.

We are sentient beings who live and die from our hearts. As humans, we are designed to live in community, as we are essentially “pack” animals. Over the last 50 plus years, several generations and millions of individuals have focused themselves in some fashion, towards helping our nation find equality of human rights.

The civil rights movement, women’s liberty, gay rights, minority acceptance, and more have enabled us to live in greater harmony and acknowledgement of our differences and also our fellowships. One of the obvious culminations was the election of our first African-American President, Obama, 8 years ago.

Now our familiar tableau of equalities and liberties have been suddenly overturned with the election of Donald Trump, as a man whose words express discrimination and exclusion, instead of inclusion and our melting pot of ethnicities, genders, and roles in our culture.

This unknown future of what our lifestyle and environment will look and feel like is creating enormous feelings of instability, fear, grief, anger, and confusion for millions. These feelings, as I said, are real and do affect your physiology: your adrenal glands, sympathetic nervous system, heart, and even your immune system are under duress.

I am a homeopath of over 30 years, and a certified spiritual healer of 10 years. I want to reassure those of you who follow my writings, workshops, and teachings that I will be providing you with some resources of emotional and spiritual support in the weeks and months to come.

My treasured co-teacher, Susanne Kingsbury, and myself are creating a specialized audio-video meditation and expressive healing series we will present to you all in the days and weeks to come.

As a nation in need, both of us are deeply compelled to offer our skills and energy to those of you in duress or just feeling confused or deflated.

Please watch for us on social media and YouTube. #NationInNeed #election PTSD.

My heart and spirit is with you all. Please know we both care deeply about bringing healing and strength to our culture. As we go through the changes and transformations at hand, we can all come out the other side more brilliant and aware than ever.

Believe in yourself, in your truth, in our unique gifts, and your courage to be happy and whole again.


Katina Makris, CCH, CIH


Living Well With Lyme Disease Healing Workshop

Lyme disease is the fastest spreading infectious illness of the modern day, exploding to the rate of over 300,000 cases annually in the USA alone, with an estimated another 500,000 not being recognized by the average physician or lab and being misinterpreted as an autoimmune illness. HIV at its peak in the early 1980s showed 104,000 new cases annually. This epidemic is spreading faster with ticks as the primary carrier and all demographics and ages groups potentially vulnerable. We are in the midst of a public health care crisis with scant support for the afflicted or those in question.

Dr Richard Horowitz, MD, Dr Tom Francescott, ND and myself, Katina Makris, CCH, CIH offer an all inclusive weekend for Lyme disease resource and recovery at beautiful Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. Please join us June 17-19, 2016.

We address the medical aspects, detoxification protocols, homeopathic support and emotional and spiritual sides of this often chronic illness in a nurturing and wholesome environment. No one leaves without gaining tools and insights for their mending as well as information for loved ones.

please read more at this link:

OmegaHealthandHealing2016_Press Release_ForImmediateRelease

May all of us find the inner tools and belief in a healthier tomorrow. Healing happens on the inside and it is my privilege to be a guide in your journey.

With Blessings




Dana Walsh, Star from “Under Our Skin” on Lyme Light Radio

On this Wednesdays show, Lyme Light Radio will welcome the wonderful Dana Walsh, star of the new documentary “Under Our Skin.” Read about it and check out the trailer here: http://www.underourskin.com. Rarely do we hear from someone with such empathy and sensitivity speak so candidly on their own personal struggle with the disease that has touched all of us in same way or another.

One of the most pivotal moments in a Lyme victim’s life is when they watch the absolutely riveting and deeply honest Lyme disease documentary “Under Our Skin”. This film exposed the decimating struggles so many of us fall prey to when Lyme disease is not properly treated in the acute phase. “Under Our Skin” validates the Lyme disease tragedy and has opened an enormous portal into public recognition of the eclipsing health care crisis we are in.

It is my true honor to welcome a star from “Under Our Skin”, Dana Walsh, Lyme activist, to Lyme Light Radio on Wednesday, February 12, 1pm PT/4pm ET

Dana Walsh, Founder and Producer of Lyme Less, Live More

ImageFeatured in the award-winning documentary, UNDER OUR SKIN, Dana has inspired countless on their road to health by sharing her journey from rock-n-roll event producer to full time Lyme disease patient. During her years at the legendary Bill Graham presents in San Francisco, Dana’s work included VIP corporate parties and private concerts for such clients as Apple, Wired Magazine, Adobe, and Bono and U2.Dana feels blessed to have had the genius of so many medical mavericks to return her to health. Now, empowered by decades of study and experience, Dana is a committed producer, speaker and writer in the health and healing world. Her mission is to deliver a powerful authentic message and to make the intangible a reality. Dana believes her greatest contribution is to put her creative and production talents towards creating projects that focus on holistic recovery. She is the creator of the “7 Essentials to Living Health” and founder/co-producer of Lyme Less Live More.

Dana and I will discuss the truly important spiritual growth side of Lyme disease. Though Lyme is physically and emotionally ruinous, rebirth and transformation are part of the recovery journey. This is a show you will not want to miss. Dana is a talented, wise human being.
Your calls will be welcomed on air at 800-930-2819. Thank you for joining us.
Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH

The Gift of a Buddha

I sit each morning in meditation. Then I open from a random book near me, a stack of them of spiritual essence awaiting me. Today I encountered this lovely reading from “Buddha” by Manuela Dunn Maschetti. It speaks to me on how essential being present is in our own lives, in each moment we live, in the nature of our relationships. The world spins in such frantic ways these days; doing, reaching, acquiring, speeding now the norm in Western society. These words remind me of my own learning gained in 10Plaza portrait years of stillness during my healing journey from Lyme disease. Please mull on this a bit. There is a richness of truth ringing clearly.

This is my gift to you, as I celebrate the day I was birthed into this world by my mother many years ago.Thank you Patricia for delivering me and to all for joining me in the journey of living and being our own form of Buddha.


Katina I. Makris

The enlightenment of Buddha was not primarily a religious discovery or a mystical encounter with God. It was an individual’s direct, exact, and final discovery of the structure of reality and of the ultimate nature of being. A Buddha’s mind rests within the human body, and frames the possibility of Buddhahood for each individual. “Buddha” is not a title, but simply a statement of fact; the awakened one, the enlightened one, the evolved.

Sammasati: remember that you are a Buddha. In everything you do, in everything you feel, in everything you think, in every movement of consciousness- remember that you are a Buddha.

Buddhism proposes that every life has the purpose of achieving supreme happiness through total awareness of itself and the universe. Every being has been working from time immemorial to perfect his or her nature over lifetimes. This fulfillment, this perfection, occurs by understanding, awareness, wisdom, watchfulness and sensitivity. And the infinite number of beings who have already achieved perfect Buddhahood share that happiness and light with all other beings, showering us every second with infinite grace, beauty, love and compassion. They become the guardians and friends who watch over us as we walk on the path.

When Buddha addressed his disciples at the beginning of each sermon, he would call them, “My beloved, my friends, my fellow travelers,” and this is what Buddhas are to each one of us.


Katina I.Makris is the author of “Out of the Woods:Healing Lyme Disease, Body, Mind & Spirit” and host of Lyme Light Radio.

Bite Back For A Cure – Lyme Disease events

Bite Back For A CureCome join us on gorgeous Martha’s Vineyard, sadly ‘ground zero’ regarding Lyme disease infectious illness density, but a wonderful vacation isle and exciting place to be on August 18, 2013!

In affiliation with the Tick Borne Disease Alliance, a cutting edge group of Lyme enlightened folks based in NYC, we will be providing assorted venues regarding the fastest spreading infectious illness in the USA. See the menu on this flyer and also note that I will be doing a book signing with my award winning Lyme disease memoir and treatment guide, OUT OF THE WOODS, HEALING LYME DISEASE, BODY, MIND & SPIRIT, at: Edgartown Books, 10:00am – 11:30am

I will be presenting a Lyme disease talk at 1:00pm pertaining to signs and symptoms, diagnostic testing, why doctors fail to diagnose 90% of Lyme infections properly, treatment options and inspirational hope for recovery.

I was bedridden for 2 years with advanced Lyme disease, and misdiagnosed with CFS, migraines, anxiety disorders, IBS for 5 years until the Lyme bacteria was finally found by a savvy clinician. During this time I lost all we strive for— my career, income, home, marriage, health and well-being. I have recovered fully and am honored to share my healing story and tools with others, as well as promote Lyme disease awareness worldwide.

These events on August 18 are aligned to help raise research funds and attention for the all too crippling illness, and its stealthy presence in our modern environment. The dinner will be star studded and filled with wonderful energy and information.

JOIN US!!! we aim to change the future for a healthier, safer place!

Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence. A word we all seem to value. A state of liberation, self decision, strength. The USA declares this very word in its triad of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as one of its foundation stones, cleaving to Independence with veracity. We celebrate our country’s independence with aplomb every July 4, a day reserved for leisure and customary parades, cook-outs, jamborees and the every-lasting firework bouquet.

Today however, I wonder truly about Independence. It plays in my mind, bubbling about like those balls in a child’s push play-toy, the gum ball colors bouncing noisily about.

July 4, 2003:

A torrid July 4. I recall the exhilarating surge of Independence upon stepping out of my frayed marriage, away from 3 years of the choking haze of illness (undiagnosed Lyme disease) and astride the backseat of my dashing suitor’s roaring motorcycle.

After too many years of crimped heartstrings, a lockjaw on communal happiness and a lost career, I felt mighty and free and intrepid zooming along the snaking country roads up to a lakeland sanctuary. Swimming in the cool, clear highland waters, I remember the sensory awareness that spectacular Independence Day placed in my own life, as I was no longer a man’s wife, but had gained my liberty.

By nightfall, bobbing in giddy bliss at a festive party, the sultry night air wrapped my new lover and me in euphoric waves, the boat dock firmly rigid against my backbone with fireworks erupting overhead. Liberated, free, independent, striding forth, the sparkling colors cascaded downwards, orange embers laying softly upon my skin and falling droplet like upon the waters. I felt the brilliant magic of the world, of love, of courage, of a new beginning. That Independence Day set a cornerstone in my core.

The years unfurled, many more Independence Days to honor. Children’s laughter, our dog trembling in horror at the booming cacophony and the ritual joy now as a committed couple and blended family. Independence Days on the green, the band playing in the gazebo, we slurp local ice cream and the Norman Rockwell charm oozes in immense quotients, as my childhood native american print blanket cozies us faithfully, the firework display behind the half-moon antique carriage barn, now a favored treasure. The tapestry of living weaves its marvelous threads. Life is good. There is love.

And, we endured with patience, with tenderness, in passion, and in trials. The Lyme disease relapse took me way down deep, to the ocean floor of life. I could not walk, or think or sometimes ever believe I would live. But, I did and I healed, and he helped me, held me, encouraged me onwards. We weathered the storms and the fireworks soared ever faithful on Independence Days.

We buried his daughter. Our hearts were crushed. I nursed him in love and compassion. Our family was fractured and yet we held on, tightly, with fervor, we would not let the other drown. Our pact was forged to the marrow, “I will be by your side”.

The good times began anew. Creativity. A new business. A new home with new friends and neighbors and good health. A wondrous book was birthed. Travel and a calling to heal the wounded. Life spiraled and soared, arching and vaulting, like the spectacular fireworks of Independence Day. The glowing orange embers of grace fell droplet like around us on the waters of our life.

July 4, 2013:

Today, I am being asked to embrace Independence once again. I have been studying this word and the feelings stirred in me. This time Independence is not as gay and flighty as that sensual one ten years ago, nor as safe and reliable as all the others in between. This one has another tone; that of a solitary being. For I am alone.

He is packing boxes with his belongings on this Independence Day, moving away from me and our home and our union. It is shocking and confusing, yet I must hold my center. For like this proud word suggests – Independence – self-reliance, separation, autonomy, liberty, I must attune to the new chapter dawning.

My friend gave me this animal totem. I resonate with it cleanly— Heron.

Aggressive Self-Determination

A Heron totem teaches balance;
the ability to progress and evolve —
to walk into deeper waters without fear.

It is important for someone with a Heron 
totem to learn to stand on their own two feet,
to become independent and self-reliant.


So, I make my own Declaration of Independence, one I can hold in my heart and live into, as a single individual, no longer as that mated couple or busy family unit or even as part of another. That is the trickiest mind game right now, is learning how to not be part of an-other. I am so used to caring and sharing and thinking beyond my Self to my-Other. Focusing solely on me is an anomoly. But, I cannot fight the tide. I must swim with it, into deeper waters as Heron suggests. Though he has left now, I must soar.

I declare myself as Independent of all constraints, assumptions, ties and live fully with creativity, passion, self reliance and in balance. 

Spiritual Healing

P1020473I watched evening descend. Soft skies, honeysuckle and birdsong filling my senses. A quiet periwinkle lingered to almost 9pm. Grace and beauty painted the perimeter of my sight. what a nightfall. I felt blessed.

Next, these words came to me — potent and vivid, as a guided tool to help those needing spiritual assistance. Whether health issues, emotional woes or financial burdens are weighing on you, take a moment to follow this visualization healing exercise. It will help ease off the energy that is draining and hampering you, and shift you within, to one of more true vibration.

Imagine your own spirit rising up from the crumpled Lyme disease riddle body or otherwise hampered condition it vies with. Sense your spirit when it is above you, how free and unencumbered the state is. 
Write down the sensations, images, words that come to you.

Talk to your spirit-self. Remind ‘it’ how grateful you are for it holding on inspite of all this that you struggle with.

With your eyes closed ask your spirit what it most needs to change in your vibration in order to overcome illness, suffering or burdens.


Grab that message. Write it down- anything that comes to you. Even if its just one word. Keep it somewhere nearby to look at.

Everyday take a moment to recall this awareness. Be with it. Embrace it. Read the words out loud to your self. You will start the mind-body healing pathway.
This practice will help over time. Keep it up for months.

You are blessed.

Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH