Dr. Kerry Clark to be on Lyme Light Radio 11/21

Lyme Light Radio with Katina welcomes Dr. Kerry Clark, who will be with us this Wednesday, 11/21, 4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT. With 20 years of tick research in the south, Dr. Clark shares stunning revelations that Lyme disease is more rampant in the southern United States than the north! Wake up America, ISDA, CDC and everyone! Join us to learn more about his fascinating and important work!

Dr. Kerry Clark

Dr. Kerry Clark is the Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health. Dr. Clark came to the University of North Florida with a Masters in Public Health Epidemiology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He earned a Ph.D. in Environmental Health Sciences from the University of South Carolina, where he conducted the first ecologic study of the Lyme disease bacteria in that state. He has been studying Lyme and other tick-borne diseases for the past 20 years. In addition to his research, he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in epidemiology and environmental health in the Department of Public Health at UNF.

Dr. Clark is committed to studying the ecology and epidemiology of Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases in the southern U.S. He was the first to report finding Lyme disease spirochetes in animals and ticks in South Carolina, and in wild reptiles in South Carolina and Florida. He has documented the presence of Lyme disease bacteria, Babesia, and other tick-borne pathogens in wild animals, ticks, and humans in Florida and other southern states. Recently, he discovered two previously unrecognized Lyme Borrelia species in human patients in Florida, Georgia, and other states across the U.S.

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Importance of The Virginia Lyme Disease Bill on Lyme Light Radio

Hundreds of thousands of people are infected with the Lyme disease bacteria and other tick borne illnesses annually. Yet, only 10% are accurately diagnosed, due to faulty test results of the ELISA test the majority of physicians use. Sadly, these cases are misdiagnosed as assorted auto-immune illnesses (CFS, MS, RA, Lupus, more), neurological issues (ALS, tourettes, bi polar) or brushed off as inconsequential or perhaps a virus, or “you’re just run down”. 

Our population is suffering! Doctors have been under-educated about Lyme disease for decades, believing it to be a short term, acute illness of regional isolation. Clinical findings and decades of a now chronically ill America, illuminate that this shape-shifting spirochete bacteria (cousin to syphilis) moves from bloodstream to tissues, joints, organs and the brain, creating a panoply of symptoms, depletions and often complete life destruction. (I was such a case – bedridden, broke, despairing with 3 false ELISA negatives in 5 years).

Meet Susan Green and Monte Skall, 2 women who have made history in the Lyme disease story. These powerful visionaries, hard workers and compassionate souls fought fiercely in the state of Virginia to get a bill passed which essentially states – “a negative Lyme test result does not rule out that you are infected”, by-passing proper treatment and diagnosis.

They join me on Lyme Light Radio this Wednesday, September 25, 4:00pm ET live on WBLQ 1230AM and streaming on TheDrPatShow.com and TransformationTalkRadio.com. Our call in number is 1-800-930-2819.

Join us for a great show. Learn the importance of this piece of history and how your state needs to follow suit!!

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Katina Makris


‘Lyme Light Radio with Katina’ launches!

Joyously I announce we launched ‘Lyme Light Radio with Katina’ on the Transformation talk Radio network in partnership with the famed The Dr Pat Show on August 14th, broadcast on our flagship station WBLQ, 1230 AM, Westerly, RI. 4:00pm ET / 1:00pm PT. Our talk radio local listenership spans Southern CT, TI, Southern MAss, Cape Cod & The Islands an LI, NY!

Streaming online from WBLQ.net, TransformationTalkRadio.com and TheDrPatShow.com we reach multi-millions! How phenomenal is this to be bringing tick borne disease information weekly to the entire nation and globally!

Please listen to our first 3 shows in archive!

8/14 – Mara William, Inanna House founder & Author of “Nature’s Dirty Needle”

8/21 – John Donnally, TBDA Lyme recoveree & cyclist riding cross country for Lyme awareness. Plus the renouned SLICE study Lyme research physician Dr. John Aucott and his analyst Nancy Dougherty

8/18 – Gary Blier, founder of Advanced Cell Training

Friends of facebook and twitter have been ‘high-fiving’ these great interviews. Plus, many of you have emailed me! Thank you for the early support and encouragement. My ambition is to bring information and awareness on Lyme disease to the public, as well as to provide inspiration and tool for recovery to those in need. This is a serious illness and no one can afford to be slack about prevention, treatment or hope for healing.

From bedridden to renewed with vitality (thought it took me 10 long years!) my heart is with you all. ‘Lyme Light Radio’ shines a lamplight of knowledge and insights.

Please like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, and tune in Wednesdays on TransformationTalkRadio.com or 1230 AM in S. New England.

LymeLightRadio.com has information on being a sponsor. We still need funding to continue broadcasting for a full year. We are shy of that funding now. If you are interested in having commercial airtime, or interviews with me please contact us at lymelightradio@gmail.com. We of course welcome donors, too, who believe in this show and out mission. You name will be on our donor page! (if you like)

Thank you to my initial guests and all you listeners and friends who have spread the good word that ‘Lyme Light Radio with Katina’ is the place to be on Wednesdays!

It is my privilege and honor to be your host.

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Introducing Lyme Light Radio with Katina

It is with true pleasure I introduce to you my wonderful new website and an amazing opportunity for all.


Welcome to “Lyme-Light Radio with Katina”, a weekly radio talk show devoted to Lyme disease, in a host, guest, call-in format. Filled with information and inspiration, we aim to educate worldwide listeners on a diversity of Lyme-related topics. This is a timely show, and we are seeking sponsorship to launch by June, 2013.

Broadcast from Transformative Talk Radio’s flagship station, WBLQ 1230 AM, Westerly, RI, in the heart of Lyme country, we will reach 700,000 listeners in winter and 1,500,000 in summer throughout southern New England and New York, plus access to a 300 station syndicate expanded to major US cities, Australia and Europe, leveraging our audience into the multi-millions.

In partnership with The Dr. Pat Show, five years voted #1 most listened to network, “Lyme-Light Radio with Katina” is a huge step forward for the Lyme disease community, enabling us to expand global awareness through the very viable medium of talk radio, on a dynamic network.

As a recoveree of a ten-year chronic Lyme disease journey, I am honored to be your host. Selected by Dr. Pat Baccili for my avid Lyme disease education work, best selling, award winning book “Out of the Woods; Healing Lyme Disease Body, Mind & Spirit” and 28 years experience as a natural healthcare practitioner, my goal is to help end the suffering and confusion surrounding Lyme disease and associated conditions. But, we need your financial sponsorship to make this promising radio show happen.

Please contact me abou the media kit and information on Transformative Talk Radio, our broadcast outlets and syndicates, and the specifics of the “Lyme-Light Radio” show. The sponsorship kit expounds upon pricing for yearly, six month, or single show options. Commercial airtime, website banners, on-air interviews and more are all possible, helping you promote your service, product or message. Of course we welcome donors who value the nature of this program yet have no desire to have commercial or interview airtime.

This is a most exciting opportunity for all of us. Please join forces with me and let us change the future!


Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH