Lyme Disease Radio Talk Show Being Launched

PHENOMENAL NEWS!!!!! I have been invited to host a live call-in weekly radio talk show on LYME DISEASE and associated conditions!

This is a breakthrough opportunity for the Lyme community, as I can have an array of guests; doctors, patients, caretakers, researchers, advocates, authors, healers, more, and ALL of you can call in with questions to be answered.

It will air live on WBLQ 1230AM station in RI, CT, Long Island, Block Island, Cape Cod, Marthas Vineyard, parts of NY—— the ‘bulls eye’ of Lyme really! Plus be syndicated to 300 stations around the globe; Boston, Seattle, Australia, Europe and streaming live on the web. There is an itunes link and shows will be archived in podcast format. I can interview guests from around the world via skype!

I need to raise $$$ for sponsorship though. If I can get it by May 31, we will launch the program in June. CAN YOU BELIEVE this amazing opportunity for all of us? Lyme will be really talked about, heard and shared, loud and clear.

We will start the sponsorship campaign the last week of March. We can take small donations toward the ‘Lyme collective’ sponsorship fund and of course larger sponsors who will get commercial air time repeated often, interview on air, new releases, etc.

LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Together we are powerful! United we can change the world.

The main show is hosted by:

Dr. Pat Baccili
“Living the Dream in 2013!”
The Dr. Pat Show – Talk Radio to Thrive By!
Voted #1 For 5 Years Running Favorite Network and most listened to time!

“This is one of the most amazing & inspiring shows that you can listen in to! If you want to be on the edge of your seat, if you want to open up your heart, if you want to expand your mind & you want to meet incredible people, stay tuned because you’re just about to experience a transformative radio show that will change your life!” – Dr. John Demartini

Welcome to the Dr. Pat Show Online!

Dear Katie Couric, Please Help Lyme Disease

Dear Katie Couric,

Having lost 10 years of my life to misdiagnosed Lyme disease, two completely bedridden was beyond a living nightmare. Famous hospitals and doctors all looked me in the face, and gave me erroneous diagnoses like CFS, migraines, Fibromyalgia, peri-menopause, bi-polar disorder, when all the while it was the Lyme spirochete worming its way from my bloodstream to soft tissue to brain.Faulty lab testing, lack of doctor knowledge, misrepresentation by the Center for Disease Control and Infectious Disease Society have allowed this bacterial induced infectious illness to infect an estimated 3,000,000 Americans, including passing it to the fetus, over the past 10 years alone.

I lost my career and income, home and marriage, health and well-being to Lyme AND I am not alone. This epidemic now rages worldwide (89 countries have Lyme) and I am one of the rare few whom has fully recovered from this illness, with 5 years of intensive treatments and a whole life makeover. My award winning book OUT OF THE WOODS, HEALING LYME DISEASE, BODY, MIND & SPIRIT, chronicles my riveting journey and just what it looks like on the inside of this illness. My voice is one of the multitudes. Too many have lost too much.

I have now devoted my reclaimed life to Lyme disease education, recovery and advocacy. In 2012 I gave 37 lectures, 16 radio interviews, 8 front page newspaper pieces, 5 TV interviews, plus endless blogs and magazine articles on this illness. I can not ask you LOUD enough to cover this topic on your show Katie, and to bring me on as a guest. I will deliver an impressive interview for you that is authentic, intelligent and vital for the future health care of our country. This bacterial illness has surpassed HIV in how fast it is spreading. Time in NOT on our side, but your program and reporting are.

Thank you for caring for the all too many who have been mishandled for too long while Lyme disease surges.

Katina Makris, CCH, CIH.

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